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In March 2010, the Labour Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, announced plans to completely rebuild the Royal Liverpool Hospital - a £451million investment.

But the Liverpool Echo, on 18 May 2010, reported that the new Tory / Liberal Democrat Government, was reviewing this decision, and was considering scrapping the plans altogether.

Liverpool needs a Royal Hospital fit for the 21st Century, and the Royal needs rebuilding. It is unacceptable for the Liberal Democrats and Tories to even think about cutting this desperately needed investment in a modern, 21st Century NHS.

This petition calls on the Tory / Lib Dem coalition government to stick to the plans put in place by Labour, and to rebuild the Royal.

We, the undersigned, call on the Tory / Lib Dem Government to keep in place Labour's plans to rebuild the Royal Liverpool Hospital, and to proceed with the full scheme as outlined by Andy Burnham in March 2010, including the £451million investment, and to do so on the same time scale involved.

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