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Over the past 5 years, the United Kingdom like many countries has gone through a period of public service cuts, resulting in hundreds of thousands of job losses because of the banking crises and over spending by governments and local councils. This had led too many local councils switching off their street lights at midnight (Daily Mail front page news in December 2014).

I was directed to one of my local council’s web sites (Bournemouth) to find that Bmth had invested £7.3 million (part loan and part own capital) to replace 16,000 street/ road light lanterns with an all in one LED lantern head, which can never be serviced, unlike the traditional lanterns with a replacement bulb every 4 years.

The web pages promoted energy savings of 70% compared to the old types along with a big reduction in carbon emissions compared to the existing street/road lights which for 80 years burned high pressure sodium bulbs (HPS)

For the past 4 years I have been researching the growing development and innovation of LED lighting, which is a semi conductor designed to produce a wide range of light colours, but more importantly up to 90% energy savings and a long life of up to 50,000 hours.

This also included me spending many months a year in China at my personal cost, visiting many manufactures to see how the many parts were assembled and what the expected life span would be.

Today is the beginning of a LED lighting revolution which will change how the world will power its global lighting needs.


A quality 10 watt LED globe bulb, would replace a 100 watt Incandescent bulb we all loved, before the energy saving CFL bulb arrived in 2005, which we hated for many reasons.

Today every old light bulb or tube used in the world is now available in LED, including replacing 1 billion + street/road and highway lighting burning up the worlds fossil fuels that has added to climate change, as more housing developments are built.

A 5 watt LED globe bulb can be purchased from £1.00, but sold through such companies as B&Q for £6.00-£10.00. At the same B&Q stores, you will also find ECO bulbs (Economical) costing from £1.20 each that burns 42 watts compared to a 50 watt bulb.

Reducing energy is down to people power, but for the electricity generators and multinationals, it’s all about selling us products that use more energy.

Around 10% of global electricity generation powers the world’s street/road lighting.

If every local council in the world switched every street/road light with a retrofit LED bulb that matched the same light quality as we are used to, but with the added benefits to the community of a lower maintenance cost and a70% lower electricity bills.

It’s now up to us to have a say in how councils spends the money given to them from central government, which is in affect our taxes paid across all aspects of our lives.


Local councils are seeking to switch over from HPS street/road light lanterns to LED lanterns, costing hundreds of millions of pounds over the next 5 years.

After 80 years of traditional street lights with a yellow light, councils are being sold an all in one SMD/LED lantern head which cannot be serviced, with a life of around 12 years.

Using Bmth as an example:

The £5.2 million of the £7.3 million I have estimated as the cost for these LED lanterns now seen across Bmth which at the end of their life, will have to be recycled as there is no longer a bulb that can be replaced. The 16,000 + lantern heads will all need replacing with brand new ones. At what cost will that be in 12 years for the council tax payers of Bmth?

A lower cost option available to every local council is replacing the old HPS bulb with a LED CORN bulb, designed for street lighting (from £33.00 each).

I am seeking 100,000 signatures to stop councils wasting tax payer’s money who are at this time planning to replace old type lanterns with LED lanterns which cannot be serviced as councils have serviced past street/road lights with a replacement light bulb.

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