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We were promised a referendum on Electoral Reform in the UK. Yet the best the Government can offer us is a choice between the current, unrepresentative "First Past the Post" and the immoral, unfair "Alternative Vote" system, where the victor is decided by second, third, fourth or even fifth or sixth best votes rather than genuine support for a party.

Currently, and which would still be the case should the Alternative Vote be adopted, a vote is only powerful enough to elect a single MP to "represent" the voters' constituency in Parliament. The UK is one of the oldest democracies in the world, and given that 21st Century politics is much focused on the race to who will form a government, this system of "First Past the Post" is outdated and not up to scratch in giving voters a real voice in elections.

A switch to the proposed Alternative Vote system would only change the way we vote. Instead of putting an "X" next to our selected candidates, we will be made to put numbers in descending order according to our "preferential" selection of each candidate. Not only will this be a pain in what ever but it will also cause problems in future elections. The thousands of people being left without a "voice" at the last General Elections due to polling stations closing before they got inside after waiting for hours in long ques is down partly to some voters not actually deciding who they will vote for before coming to the polling booth, news sources have claimed. Imagine what will happen if voters were to draw up a list of their most desired candidate down to their least desired candidate!

This is not necessarily a petition and is not going to anyone. This is a call to BOYCOTT the referendum in May 2011. No, not to abstain but to write "BOYCOTT" in clear, capital letters on the ballot papers. Sign up to this "petition" to confirm you will be voting to boycott this referendum. Just write "Anonymous" or any nickname you wish to use.

A "No" vote will be allowing the Government to assume we do not want an Electoral Reform of any kind. A "Yes" vote would leave us stuck with the Alternative Vote for a good number of generations to come. The more "Boycott Votes" we can get through, the more seriously the establishment would have to take our call for a Proper Referendum for Proper Electoral Reform.

For those of you who don't know, Proportional Representation is a system in which MPs are elected equally to how much votes their party gets, where votes can directly influence which party forms a government and who becomes Prime Minister, and is being used in many of the fastest developing countries around the world. Why can the Government not offer that as an option instead of a complex style of voting?

Please give a few minutes of your time to consider this as this will influence your daily life, and the daily lives of your children and grand-children. What will it be, will you vote "Yes" or "No" and let the Government take us, the voters for sheep, or will you simply write "BOYCOTT" on the ballot paper for a Real Referendum Now?

Introductory video on Proportional Representaion

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This is not a petition but a campaign. Sign below to show your support.

- Boycotting the Referendum on 5 May 2011 by writing "BOYCOTT" in block capitals where there is space on the ballot paper is the only way to force the Government to drop its Referendum on the "Alternative Vote" and give us voters a referendum on the fair and democratic Proportional Representation instead. To "boycott" by not turning up at the polls is NOT a proper boycott as the Government will not know why you are abstaining and a lower turnout will do nothing to hinder the process of the Referendum. If you don't vote, you have no voice, it's as simple as that!

- You can help this campaign by e-mailing this page to your friends, linking it to blogs, forums and discussion boards or any other website, write letters or texts to newspapers recommending this campaign, liking our Facebook page, subscribing to our Youtube channel, favouriting our video or what ever other way you can do to spread the message.

- Real Referendum Now! is an umbrella organisation so feel free to use our name for your own campaign to further our cause.

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