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1. Horse ban/restrictions on the Corinella Foreshore

Some valid points as to why the Corinella Foreshore should not be closed or any restrictions imposed on our equine companions:
• It is the only safe horse beach in the area.
• There are hundreds of kilometres of coast along the South East in Victoria; the horse section as it stands is already only just a fraction of the Corinella Foreshore.
• It is good for horses physical and mental wellbeing
• It is good for Equine Enthusiasts physical and mental wellbeing
• It is an excellent place to rehabilitate injured horses or increase their fitness
• It is used by recreational, competitive and professional horses and horse people
• Local adults and particularly kids have ridden on this beach for generations with a record of 0 incidents
• Above all it is a place for immense enjoyment and fun for those involved with horses
• To ban horses from the beach is un-Australian. It shouldn’t be a numbers contest between Equine Enthusiasts and people. It is about giving everyone a fair opportunity and the freedom to enjoy our beautiful beaches
• Dogs are already allowed in the horse area provided they are on the leash
• Dogs can be taken to virtually any park/footpath/public place as well as many other designated beaches. The same cannot be said for horses!
• Many people travel a long way to enjoy this beach
• The horse industry is one of the largest industries in Australia and is steadily growing!
• Closure will greatly reduce the quality of life for a lot of horses kept in an urbanised environment. The beach gives them a chance to stretch their legs and mentally and physically relax
• Horses have helped to build this country and defend it, we owe it to them to provide a safe place to cool down and relax
• If the beach is lost it will force people to ride and train in more urban environments such as road verges, where the risk to all parties is greatly increased

2. Don't Gamble Away Our Public Services

The Statewide Gambling Therapy Service have had critical funding removed after a State Government tender decision to contract out to a private provider.

The Statewide Gambling Therapy Service is an important and successful South Australian free public service that assists with the rehabilitation of problem gamblers. This life changing service reduces the strain of social and medical costs to the community caused through problem gambling.

The privatisation of this service is a loss to South Australians.

Say NO to the privatisation of our public health services. Sign the petition and demand the State Government find the urgently needed funding to sustain this vital service.

3. Proton Beam Therapy for William

My 3 year old son, William, was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year. After surgery and chemotherapy it returned this year in August and although he is recovering well from the surgery to have it removed again he needs to have radiotherapy urgently.

William could have Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy in the UK although the treatment that will leave him with the least brain damage is Proton Beam Therapy, not yet available in the UK.

William was approved by the NHS to be funded for treatment in America - the only country they have current agreements with to carry out Proton Beam Therapy for his type of cancer.

However, well over a week later we were informed that the centre in America denied the application based on the fact that William had a tracheostomy fitted (further to his latest surgery) and the flight there would present too much of a risk.

4. Support the construction of the Community Equestrian Center in Digby Nova Scotia

WHY should a Community Riding Center be built in Digby Nova Scotia

Therapeutic horsemanship has many benefits, improving mental and physical well-being in a number of ways. It can help people from all kinds of backgrounds, including those that are usually hard to engage.

*Physical activity
*Social Skills
*Stress reduction and relaxation
*Physical Skills
*A sense of Community
*Learning new Skills
*Having Fun
*Connection with Nature
*Mental, Emotional and physical benefits
*Mood improvements

5. Herbal Therapy Licensing - Legalize herbal medicinal practice

There is no Herbal Therapy license available now in Hawaii or the US. Hawaii used to have licensed traditional doctors under the Kingdom of Hawaii; those laws were repealed at the time of the illegal overthrow.

The traditional practitioners are dying out, with few to take their place. Their knowledge needs to be perpetuated.

There is a great need in Hawaii, and in the world, for Herbal medicine.

Licensing is a way for Herbalists to become legal practitioners; to be able to work with doctors; to have both liability insurance and be covered by health insurance plans. Those who are qualified should have the recognition and respect due, and be able to become full-time paid practitioners.

There is a growing worldwide movement for legislating Herbalism and Herbs. Billions of dollars are spent on "alternative treatment" like herbal medicine, with very little oversight and quality control. The public deserves access to qualified Herbalists. We take our cars to licensed auto mechanics, we get our hair cut by licensed beauticians, and western doctors are allowed to practice with a valid medical license. Why not Herbalists?

6. A-Frame Signs in the GTA

Sidewalk A-Frame signs have been the most valuable tool in successfully building our massage therapy and acupuncture clinic. We have been slowly growing our business for almost seven years and in the short time we have been without our signs we have seen a notable decrease in our client traffic.

If we have no visibility many of us will experience significant losses including but not exclusive to small businesses and their customers.

7. Mandatory Handwriting / Penmanship Classes for Elementary Schools

For over 25 years she has been featured on many radio and television talk shows as well as in the written media. In fact she helped write episodes for the popular CBS show Criminal Minds. She has completed casework for many public and private agencies (see references below).

Her most memorable cases include warning a woman that her husband could brutally murder her – a year later, he did. Another when she stated a sheriff deputy was dangerous – he later killed his girlfriend. Another when she stated a Homicide Investigator should not be trusted with children – he was later convicted of six counts of Child Battery. She also has enjoyed assisting in famous cases such as Michael Jackson, Darlie Routier, and missing Baby Gabriel.

Treyce is the President of both the National Association of Handwriting & Document Experts (NAHDE), and the International Association of Handwriting Formation Therapists (IAHFT). She is the CEO of the non-profit agency Written Escape, a proud member of Find Me, the National Scholar’s Honor Society, CHAI, SSCA, and others.

Her 15 published books include “Written Violence – the Personality Behind the Pen”, “Case Files of a Forensic Handwriting Analyst”, “Answers”, “The Only Handwriting Analysis Book You Will Ever Need”, “Dangerous Ink”, “Finding Mr. & Mrs. Write”, “What’s Going on Upstairs”, "You Abused Me: Handwriting of Victims", "I Abused You: Handwriting of Perpetrators", and more.

Services include custody evaluations, employment & tenant screening, jury selection, pre-parole evaluations, detecting lies & drugs, pre-termination violence assessments, compatibility, progression of suicide, sexual abuse, forgeries, anonymous notes, and much more. She nor her staff are affected by geographical boundaries.


Texas Department of Education, various Juvenile Probation agencies, KnowGangs, Council of Governments, Southern States Correctional Association, Great Lakes International Gang Investigators Coalition, International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (in USA & Mexico), Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC), West Virginia Department of Corrections, Arizona Public Defenders Association, Texas Gang Investigators Association, Colorado Law Enforcement Officers Association, Green Dental Lab Human Resources, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, Durango Police Department, Dalhart Police Department, Trimmier Elementary School, TruVision Management, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Village of Glendale Heights Police Department, Refugio County Juvenile Justice Center, Bell County Precinct 1, Lamar County Juvenile Probation, Arkansas Probation & Parole
Association, Harlingen Consolidated ISD, Society of Human Resource Management, Hopkins High School, Geico Auto Crime Investigations, 4theKids, Lost Child Network, Missing & Exploited Children, Louisiana State Police, and many more.

8. Human Rights & Mental Health / Capacity - Stop Abuses

I have worked in the general field of mental health for 35 years. As a therapeutic practitioner and as a manager (Psychosocial Therapies). During that time, I have successfully worked with people with serious mental ill health, learning disability, autism, brain damage and dementia.

I have been concerned about the prescriptive treatment of people with these kinds of problems and the tendency to make judgements against their wishes, without adequate sound evidence to support those decisions. Too many assumptions are made that impact upon personal freedom, dignity, informed choice and self-expression.

I have also witnessed many misdiagnoses and very unsound decisions, within Health & Social Care services and in the Law Courts and Child & Family Courts. The health, wellbeing and lives of my clients / families have been seriously affected these poor decisions. Many other cases have been reported to me.

Although I have met increasing numbers of skilful, person centred psychiatrists, therapists and social workers, there is still a tendency for the institutions to rely on outdate, erroneous assumptions about the cause, nature and resolution of these problems. Many practitioner are being constrained by ‘local’ policies & decisions.

My concern is that there are many contraventions of people’s Human Rights every day, on the most spurious interpretation of the use of special powers. It has become evident that the decisions are biased towards social control, rather the therapy. Local Institutions are very risk averse, protecting their position rather than client’s interests.

Most cases I have worked with, where there is psychosis, agitated behaviour and ‘behaviour problems’, there has been clear evidence of childhood & adolescent trauma and abuse. This may be at home, in social care and education institutions. Adults are also distressed in this way by ‘domestic / relationship abuses’.

This can be anything from physical, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse, through ‘culture shock’, to bullying in home, school or work. Although I have been able to demonstrate this in individual cases, aided recovery and have successfully challenged most misdiagnoses, it has been difficult to get general attitudes changed.

I am campaigning for a thorough World Health Organisation review of Psychiatric thinking, theoretical foundations and health and social care practices. The evidence of organic causes are very rare and yet psychiatry largely works of the assumption of ‘mental incompetence’, due to genetic, or organic failings.

The social and clinical treatment have as many negative effects as they have benefits as they do benefits, especially when used indefinitely and on the basis of misdiagnosis and false assumptions.

The influence of psychiatry and forensic psychology, within the Law Courts is very dubious. The ‘expert witnesses’ are often the worst examples of clinical psychiatric practice and the Law is far too reliant upon their unsound assumptions and judgments. There is a very unethical aspect to psychiatric ‘expert witnesses’;

“Who is the patient and what are their rights here?”

9. Free Ryan Tucker

Ryan Tucker now 29 years old went from an abusive home to prison with no stops in between, he also suffers with epilepsy, has a brain tumor and has had his skull sliced into by a metal fan blade, he depends on medication to survive each day but he also needs therapy to help his rehabilitation.

Returning to prison will not help him become a better citizen, it will destroy the true man inside.

10. Support the Autism Insurance Reform Bill

1 out of 150 children are diagnosed with Autism.

We want Missouri to become the 11th state to pass this legislation into LAW so that children in our state will no longer experience discrimination at the hands of insurance companies and receive appropriate access to the treatments and therapies they need and deserve!

State Senate Bill-SB167
State House Bill- HB 357

11. Improving Education for Special Needs and the Disabled in Public High Schools

About 1 in 150 children has been diagnosed with autism, based on a 2002 study done by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This can be rephrased as being a rate of 6.6 per 1,000 children. This outdated census is based on results conducted in only 14 out of the 50 states in the United States of America. Nor does this study include the most populous states such as California, Texas or Florida. Clearly the study is limited and the numbers reflect only the tip of a monumental and critical iceberg. There is little interest or regard for a problem that needs to be solved.

One problem is that children are being diagnosed too late, a good amount of time after they have already started school. Autism is hard to detect in its early stages, and its symptoms are not obvious until its victims have reached school-age. That is when there is a distinguishable difference between the child and its companions as well as the rate of learning and progress. Many studies prove that autism can be diagnosed by age 1. That is true. However, that is if parents take their children to doctors and specialists for evaluation. If there are no symptoms and no ways to look for early signs, about three-fourths of children will begin to appear to have the condition at age 9 years. This is according to a report in the June issue of archives of General Psychiatry. This means that before the child reaches the age of nine, he/she will be shuffled through his/her early years of school and then fall far behind other students upon diagnosis.

Another problem is that after these children have been diagnosed, they are placed in cramped environments labeled “Special Education”. Overcrowded classrooms and scarce teachers for the growing population of autistic students is one obvious aspect. These classes consist of teachers who work with a wide variety of disabled students from learning disabilities to speech or language impairments, mental retardation, emotional disturbance, multiple disabilities, hearing impairments, orthopedic impairments, visual impairments, autism, combined deafness and blindness, and traumatic brain injury. These classes are not much better in providing aid, the only difference is that the students with disabilities are removed from “normal” society and grouped together where teachers will attempt to educate the wide variety of disabilities similarly. According to executive director Kim Sweet of Advocates for Children of New York, only “a small number of special education teachers work with students with severe cases of mental retardation or autism, primarily teaching them life skills and basic literacy.”

A fourth problem is pointed out in an article by Thurlow, Sinclair and Johnson. Published in the Publication of National Center on Secondary Education and Transition, it states that “the dropout rate for students with disabilities is approximately twice that of general education students (Blackorby & Wagner, 1996)… and have been identified as being among the lowest performing students on current high-stakes tests… These scores have consequences for schools and often for students. Increasingly, high-stakes tests have significant consequences for students—they determine whether they are promoted from one grade to the next, or graduate from high school with a standard diploma (Thurlow & Johnson, 2000). Students who experience failure or who see little chance of passing these tests may decide not to stay in school—because either they will not be promoted or they will not graduate with a standard diploma… Accountability without the necessary opportunities and support for youth with disabilities to achieve high standards may increase the rate at which they drop out of school and fail to successfully complete school.”

In today’s state, helping students develop emotionally, feel comfortable in social situations, and be aware of socially acceptable behavior is not enough “general education” to equip them for the real world. The effects of general certifications versus advanced certifications to teach in private schools for autism are vastly different. The difference is that private schools receive enough funding (from parents) to effectively train students while public schools only have enough to get by. One example of an effective private school is the McCarton School. By the end of 2007, five of the 23 children in the school will be mainstreamed back into their districts into regular classes. Private schools use many tools that public schools can’t afford to use which include: intensive speech therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration, etc. to “teach the children to function in their community and in their homes—in the places they actually live”, according to Feldman who is an instructor at the McCarton School holding a PhD. in psychology. The key is that their teachers have specialized training- something that many schools lack.

Does it make any sense at all that in a society where the rate of autism is steadily rising year after year, our school budgets continue to be cut more and more year after year? That is like withdrawing from a deposit in the bank while obliviously expecting to never run out even without making more deposits and at the same being shocked that the interest rate of return in our savings is decreasing. The more you put in, the greater the interest rate of return that our society will have. Children are the future. To take money from the future, is to set the nation up for doom. What kind of nation will it be in 20 years from today or even 30 years, when high school drop-outs are our voters and politicians while special needs adults join the growing number of homeless people? It will be a nation void of stable citizens producing stable incomes to support the social security system. Eventually, the system will crumble from the burden.

If governments need further proof that this crisis is real, let them look no further. Let them observe the increasing rate at which private schools are opening to make up for the obvious lack and inefficiency in public schools. Dr. Cecilia McCarton, Professor of Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine founded the McCarton Center for Developmental Pediatrics in 1998. She founded the McCarton School based on the increasing number of parents searching hopelessly for a cure, for treatment, for improvement, a sign or anything to relieve. “The numbers of autistic children we began to see in our Center suddenly became an avalanche. We would be giving therapy to these children and there would be no schools for them, no places for them to go to after age five. Autism overtook us,” she writes.

Let governments observe the flooding of public schools with autism and the inability of small private schools to keep up with demand. Additional solutions for inadequate education involve the increase of funding so that the range of influence and therapy can expand and provide more benefit from the use of IEP’s rather than requiring the use of such plans and not providing tools to carry them out. Public schools can be slowly turned into similar replicas of private school systems.

A small but growing number of districts are modeled after private schools with their personalized environments and highly qualified teachers. Health coverage is often brought up as an alternative to private schools, except health coverage does everything but that…cover. The responsibility is left to the schools.

Today, under P.L.102-119, all schools must offer special educational services and, unfortunately, the government ensures that only the bare minimum is done.Public education is not broken, we just spend too little on our schools and waste too much on less important issues.

12. Proper health care for those with Fibromyalgia

I suffer w/ Fibromyalgia, I was told by one physician, the only help I could get for my cognitive problems was by prescribed antidepressants.

Let's be real; conventional drugs alter & suppress w/ deadly side affects with long term use, besides they offer NO healing! FM is a mind body illness and must be dealt w/ on that level in order to heal. As a society were "suppose" to have the right of choice. Not completely so, if we are not provided the proper resources by doctors when we make our choices. It seems as though were forced into conventional medicine alone, not by choice but, need for relief.

Furthermore, physicians need to widen their research & resources when dealing w/ Fibromyalgia or any mind body illness because when it comes to treatment most are completely ignorant.

13. Minnesota Family Opens There Home To 3 Children/ABC Extreme Make Over HOme Edition

8/23 Heidi had her checkup on Monday and Tuesday at the may clinic and they scheduled her for surgery wed of this week her cancer is back.

8/13 Erik and Heidi are in the process of adding 3 more children to the family. The lord has nocked on there door and they have opened there home to 3 kids of the family to give them a safe home while there parents health gets better.

8?2/2007 Our thoughts and many many prayers go out to families of 35 W Minnesota Bridge. We are praying for everyone of those people and family and friends and also the rescue workers hard at work.

7/28 Martin has been in the Hospital now for about 4 days at the U of M he has been vomiting and severe headaches. Erik,Heidi, Kelly and Kattie where for the day today and they did a spinal tap today which was finally successful as they tried twice yesterday and he was tuck over 15 times and it was unsuccessful. They are checking the fluid to see what is causing his headaches, they will also be doing an MRI tomorrow on him. He refuses to eat as he is so sick. Pray for him. His spirits are good. He seemed to really enjoy seeing Erik today. We will keep you updated. Heidi is also scheduled to head back to Mayo again in a couple of weeks for more test. We are all praying for her .

7/6 Heidi called me today and she went to the local dr for pain in her leg and they exrayed it and found a quarter size spot behind her leg. Her local doctor has contacted her dr. at the Mayo clinic. They are reviewing her exray from Monticello and she will her from Mayo sometime this week on what is going to happen next. Please pray for them. God bless

7/2 update on Heidi, she has been to the Mayo clinic that past couple of days and she found out that she has two new spots on her leg , same spot as the original site of the cancer. She will be doctoring with mayo. Will update with more info. soon.


Just a quick update, we found out yesterday that my husband Martin will have to go in for a biopsy on Monday at the U of M . They think something may be wrong. Please pray for him and that things work out ok.

Before reading this story please click on the link above and view the WCCO channel 4 story done on Noraas and Gorman for Valentines Day 2006.

My name is Bridget Gorman and our family has nominated the Noraas family originally from Faribault, MN, for ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Erik and Heidi Noraas live in Big Lake, MN, and have 3 children, ages 15, 10 & 5. When their youngest son was 10 days old he was diagnosed with meningitis, which left him mentally disabled and requiring a lot of extra needs and help.

2 years later after this devastating news, Erik Noraas was shipped overseas to Bosnia.

Almost simultaneously Heidi was diagnosed with cancer. She will return to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, this week for two days for tests.

Erik has returned and retired after 20 years in the Minnesota Army National Guard in September of 2005. Two weeks later Heidi read a story about Martin Gorman and his need for a kidney transplant. She called her husband and told him of the story.

Donating a kidney had always been something Eric had wanted to do. The Noraas family contacted Martin Gorman about his need for a transplant. The men met and spoke and questioned each other's concerns. And decided to move forward to see if it was medically possible.

From that point Erik went through many tests at the U of MN to see if he would be a compatible match for Martin. Surprised all signs appeared to be good and they could move ahead with the procedure. This was a huge relief to Martin and me as he had been on dialysis for 7 years.

One year ago on February 15th, 2006, Erik Noraas donated one of his kidneys to my husband. It has been a year and both Erik and my husband, Martin, are doing very well.

The Noraas home is desperately in need of an Extreme Makeover. They have no room in the 1100 sq ft home for their family and son's additional help. They enjoy and welcome all friends and family in their home. In the past they have helped many people in times of need with a place to stay.There home is in need of some repairs,rotting windows and doors, unfinished rooms and floors the house also has a huge moisture problem. This may explain why the Noraas family has such trouble with sickness in the home.

Again, their son who is in ongoing speech and occupational therapy desperately needs more space so that they may improve his therapy at a more reasonable pace. Which Extreme Home Editions would be able to provide for him at home.

The Noraas also have friends who are in wheel chairs and enjoy bringing them out to their home. Unfortunately, making it very difficult for their son and friends to access the house, as there are no true ramps for them to enter the home.

Both Erik and Heidi work full time jobs and manage their family life 24/7 as many do these days. Sadly though, the two older children are often pushed aside as their 5-year-old brother takes a lot of time. Where as if they had more room and help Erik and Heidi could give more attention to the others that need their affection as well.

The house is small but is also in need of repair. The windows have rotten away. As a result of that they are dealing with some health issues from the mold growing in the windows. The children are suffering from many ear and upper repertory issues and have undergone many surgeries to repair their ears after holes have been left behind after having tubes. Their daughter, age 10; will soon be having another surgery in hopes to fix the ear she is having difficulty hearing out of.

We feel that this family has been put through enough and we would like for them to have a home that will better manage their busy schedule. They are such a deserving family and obvious believers, who still answered the door to a stranger who called out for help, after all the cards they’d been dealt and their daily struggles.


14. Medicaid should pay for AJ Bamburgs Veges Therapy surgery

March 16, 2006

My son AJ Bamburg is epileptic. He spent 10 day in the hospital last July on a Vidio EEG. Trying to get enough information for him to have brain surgery to stop his seizures. It was futile.

AJ has been on seizure medication since he was 8 months old, he is 9 now. The medication is not working. We were told of Veges Therapy. A pace maker like device implanted under the arm that goes up the neck and attaches around the veges nerve preventing most seizures.

Mediciad pays for only $10,000.00 of the surgery. The surgery cost $12,000.00, medicaid will either pay for all or none.

15. Petition for Itchy of Shock Therapy

Petition against the Parole Board Michigan and the Parr Highway Correctional Facility Michigan.

Friends and fans of Gregory-John Mc Cormick (Itchy), his band Shock Therapy, fans of Wave, Gothik, Metal, EBM, Punk, Industrial, and music fans in general, I would like to draw your attention to a dreadful situation.

Itchy, head of the band Shock Therapy (best well-known album/single "hate" is (just) a four letter word), is locked up in a Michigan prison for the past 4 years. For the past 20 years Itchy lived most of the time in Europe. At the beginning of year 2000 he was visiting his native America.

After he visited Keith Jackson in Phönix (guitar player and one of the founder of Shock Therapy), he went to Michigan, to visit his father, an old granny, which is like a mother to him, and his brother. Some days, after arriving in Michigan Itchy came back to his father´s house and found the old granny raped and robbed by a drug dealer in here house. The drugdealer beat her hard and broke her arm, before he robbed her. Itchy called the police, because he knew the perpetrator, and he could make help them locate this person who lived in the neighbourhood. But the police were totally disinterested in this case and did nothing. Itchy was pissed off and despaired. Itchy´s relationship with this old Lady was always very familiar and she cared much about him, especially since his natural mother died from cancer 9 years ago. That old Lady looked at Itchys house, when he was on tour, and she cared about his dog and much more. Often people from the neighbourhood broke into Itchys house and stole away his music-equipment. Itchy called to the house of the drug dealer when he was drunk intending to talk to him but the drug dealer was not at home. As a small warning Itchy burned down a tiny pile of trash at the back of the drug dealer's garage-shed. The police arrested him for this.

What would you do, or how would you react in his situation? Just imagine, someone did the same to your father or to your mother. By the way…no life was harmed in this tiny fire because he knew that the drug dealer was not at home ( or at least he did not shows up at the door, after Itchy rang the bell!). Anyway, the drug dealer died 2 weeks later from an overdose.

Since that day Itchy is imprisoned under very bad circumstances . For a comparable crime one would get half a year, or maximum one year, in a German prison. More likely than that one would just receive probation. The Parole Board, which decides once in a year about the prisoner releases and the Parr Highway Correctional Facility, want to keep Itchy in as long as possible. The Parole Board told Itchy´s father lately, they plan to keep him in for the next years.

Itchy shits and pukes blood now every morning for the past year. His guts and his stomach hurt, he has strange blisters all over his skin, one of his eyes is blood red for weeks. He has constant Migraine headaches, nightmares every night, and strong depressions. He suffer from rheumatic fever since one year, and this poisoned his blood. Itchy and I have written to each other for 3 ½ years, often 3-4 big letters a month. I´m his closest friend and he calls me his real "brother". Thus I know all about him and his condition. Itchy is really very ill and he may not remain alive more than another six month. He often writes to me about his thoughts of suicide if his situation will not change for the better.

Itchy is well-known as a hard boiled Elektropunk-musician, but this is just one of his images, he plays for his fans. I know Itchy as the best friend anyone can have, very broad minded, success oriented, and someone who gives his best for a friend and who is always willing to help. Now he remains imprisoned for this crime, for which he has repented several times over for far too long.

I would like to state some other reasons why he should be free a long time ago:

1. Itchy has lived his life mainly in Europe, and after his release from prison he plans to leave the USA forever and he would never return there.

2. As I have already written Itchy has been jailed for too long for this crime. This is also what the lawyer Mr Gary Margosian from Michigan told us. Even this good lawyer could not do anything against the judgements of the Parole Board.

3. Each prisoner held longer than necessary in prison costs lots of money for each hard working American taxpayer. Since Itchy plans to leave the USA forever this is a negligent waste of tax money.

Instead of this the Parole Board could sanction Itchy´s release + immediate expulsion, also through the decision of Jennifer Granholm, Governeur in Michigan. All this is an unjust, senseless and overstated sadistic behaviour on the part of the Parole Board and the Parr Highway Correctional Facility which, in my opinion, is not behaving accordingly with the American sense of fairness.

Itchy has about 100 new song ideas, 3 books are in progress, I sell his paintings to earn money for a lawyer and to pay for his dinner in prison. Since the prison serves old and rotten food to the prisoners I must supply Itchy with necessary requirements. Itchy became as ill as he is now, from the grief, his depression and from his meals in prison. Actually he should be free for the reason he is unsuitable to be detained because of his bad shape, but the Parole Board and the Parr Highway Correctional Facility probably want kill him. Each consultation at the prison doctor costs Itchy 5 dollars and he can´t trust the doctor in prison anyway. Some prisoners have already died after a normal routine check up and they use the ill prisoners as subjects for unregistered medicine. Itchy can´t expect protection from these doctors since he cannot trust them.

The signatures collected will go to a very good Attorney in Michigan, to the mechanism I mentioned (Governeur Jennifer Granholm, Parole Board and Parr Highway Correctional Facility), and to most well-known magazines in Europe and America, to appeal to the sanity of the decision makers.

I've informed Amnesty International London and America, and ACLU Michigan about Itchy´s case and they won´t help us. They told us, they have not enough time for our case, and we shall hire a lawyer, but we have no money to do that. Not one Cent!

Itchy is the best friend one can have and his long suffered incarceration is inhuman and inappropriate. Please support his release from prison.

Captain Ralf Dellhofen
25. September 2004

Itchy´s address in prison is:

Gregory-John Mc Cormick 34 70 89
Parr Highway Correctional Facility
27 27 E. Beecher St. / P.O. Box 18 88
Adrian, Michigan 49221
U. S. A.

16. "Yes" to Government Funding for Music Therapy in the UK

This is a new petition that will go hand in hand with a new web site to make more awareness of the charity Music Therapy.

17. Growth Hormone should be placed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for GH deficient Adults

My name is Shiannon Corcoran and I am a member of the Australian Pituitary Foundation. I have a condition known as Panhypopituitarism caused by the removal of a Pituitary tumour six years ago. I now take replacement medication to stabilise my condition and stay alive.
My body no longer produces Growth Hormone, which is unavailable to me and other GH deficient adults on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme at present.
Growth Hormone is a very important hormone that is produced throughout adult life and studies around the world have shown it plays a vital role in maintaining health. A lack of GH causes muscle wasting and weakness, poor heart function - including degeneration of the arteries, bone and skin thinning, loss of vitality and reduced energy levels. In addition to greatly reducing quality of life, it also reduces life expectancy.
The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee has recently rejected Government funding of GH therapy and other life saving medications. To obtain a supply of this drug would cost up to $25,000 per year for life - way beyond the reach of the average person. All we are asking is a chance to be able to lead a normal life that is not ruled by illness or pain, and function at normal levels - therefore creating long-term minimal cost to the Government.