#Children's Rights
United States of America

March 16, 2006

My son AJ Bamburg is epileptic. He spent 10 day in the hospital last July on a Vidio EEG. Trying to get enough information for him to have brain surgery to stop his seizures. It was futile.

AJ has been on seizure medication since he was 8 months old, he is 9 now. The medication is not working. We were told of Veges Therapy. A pace maker like device implanted under the arm that goes up the neck and attaches around the veges nerve preventing most seizures.

Mediciad pays for only $10,000.00 of the surgery. The surgery cost $12,000.00, medicaid will either pay for all or none.

I ask that you sign this petition asking Medicaid to pay for AJ's surgery. If medicaid can't I ask that they pay the $10,000.00 and let me pay the rest.

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