#Human Rights
Fibromyalgia, Chronic pain, and Depressed Individuals
United States of America

I suffer w/ Fibromyalgia, I was told by one physician, the only help I could get for my cognitive problems was by prescribed antidepressants.

Let's be real; conventional drugs alter & suppress w/ deadly side affects with long term use, besides they offer NO healing! FM is a mind body illness and must be dealt w/ on that level in order to heal. As a society were "suppose" to have the right of choice. Not completely so, if we are not provided the proper resources by doctors when we make our choices. It seems as though were forced into conventional medicine alone, not by choice but, need for relief.

Furthermore, physicians need to widen their research & resources when dealing w/ Fibromyalgia or any mind body illness because when it comes to treatment most are completely ignorant.

We, the undersigned, make a request that our goverment support our "right of choice" by forcing doctors to uphold their sworn ethical principals to put the patient's health above their own interest.

Patient's requests need to be taken seriously and more insurance providers should be involved in holistic health care options.

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