Senator the Hon Kay Patterson, Minister for Health

My name is Shiannon Corcoran and I am a member of the Australian Pituitary Foundation. I have a condition known as Panhypopituitarism caused by the removal of a Pituitary tumour six years ago. I now take replacement medication to stabilise my condition and stay alive.
My body no longer produces Growth Hormone, which is unavailable to me and other GH deficient adults on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme at present.
Growth Hormone is a very important hormone that is produced throughout adult life and studies around the world have shown it plays a vital role in maintaining health. A lack of GH causes muscle wasting and weakness, poor heart function - including degeneration of the arteries, bone and skin thinning, loss of vitality and reduced energy levels. In addition to greatly reducing quality of life, it also reduces life expectancy.
The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee has recently rejected Government funding of GH therapy and other life saving medications. To obtain a supply of this drug would cost up to $25,000 per year for life - way beyond the reach of the average person. All we are asking is a chance to be able to lead a normal life that is not ruled by illness or pain, and function at normal levels - therefore creating long-term minimal cost to the Government.

We wish to support Growth Hormone deficient adults in their endeavours to acquire Growth Hormone therapy at an affordable cost to the average family on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, therefore enabling Growth Hormone deficient adults to have a longer life expectancy and a better quality of life.

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