#Consumer Affairs
Hawaii State Senator Rosalyn Baker and Representative Angus McKelvey
United States of America

There is no Herbal Therapy license available now in Hawaii or the US. Hawaii used to have licensed traditional doctors under the Kingdom of Hawaii; those laws were repealed at the time of the illegal overthrow.

The traditional practitioners are dying out, with few to take their place. Their knowledge needs to be perpetuated.

There is a great need in Hawaii, and in the world, for Herbal medicine.

Licensing is a way for Herbalists to become legal practitioners; to be able to work with doctors; to have both liability insurance and be covered by health insurance plans. Those who are qualified should have the recognition and respect due, and be able to become full-time paid practitioners.

There is a growing worldwide movement for legislating Herbalism and Herbs. Billions of dollars are spent on "alternative treatment" like herbal medicine, with very little oversight and quality control. The public deserves access to qualified Herbalists. We take our cars to licensed auto mechanics, we get our hair cut by licensed beauticians, and western doctors are allowed to practice with a valid medical license. Why not Herbalists?

We ask for a Hearing for SB 2439 and HB 2091 Herbal Therapy Licensing.

We support this bill which will create jobs and provide a path to "share the expertise, standards, and usage of contemporary herbal therapy with the world, recognizing its power to overcome disease and extend life." (...words of Kumu and Kahuna Laʻau Lapaʻau Ohai).

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