Croft Parish Council
United Kingdom

In Croft, there have been many plans to open it up and improve it but so far, all have been thwarted by people intent on keeping it what it is on the flimsy pretext of 'protecting the green belt'. The most recent plan is to re-open the station - a plan that would vastly improve the area. Why? Because they claim that it would involve building a car park to fit 5000 cars. How likely is it that any place that gets (at most) 350 cars a day would build a car park that would leave at least 4000 spaces empty every day? It is almost impossible! The objectors base their claim on environmental issues but I challenge that. If there was a station, there would be less cars on the road. Were there less cars, two things would happen; there would be less pollution and there would be less demand for new roads. By keeping the station shut these people are forcing more cars onto the roads. This means that new roads will have to be built as the existing ones cannot cope with the ammounts of traffic. Building new roads will take up even more green belt than the small space needed for a car park. The car park will not be an eyesore as it will surely be small - it cannot be any otherwise! Even if you do not care about a small village that you probably have not heard of, the environment affects everybody, and it is all of our duty to protect it in whatever way we can. The only way to stop the whole country from being covered in motorways and otherwise trashed is to open it up now - starting with the stations!

Open up Croft and the surrounding area, improve it's surroundings, help the countryside and the environment and save the country from being covered in tarmac!

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