#Consumer Affairs
City of Menlo Park, California
United States of America

The owner of the existing gas station is requesting a Use Permit from the City to demolish the existing gas station and car wash and add a 24-hour gas station and 24-hour convenience store. As residents of this area of Menlo Park, we have significant concerns about allowing such a facility in this largely residential area.

We want the City to deny the application and protect the existing residential uses, our property values and the safety of our neighborhood because: 1. the project expands an already busy commercial use by adding a convenience store and staying open 24 hours a day, well past the hours of other businesses in this residential area. 2. A convenience store will not serve the residents of the area. The applicant has stated its purpose is to "provide needed services to the motoring public." 3. A 24-hour facility will increase the possibility of crime in the area. 4. The project would increase the noise, lighting and traffic past the times of existing businesses, and potentially create a public nuisance. 5. The residents of the area and public are already well served by 5 local markets. None of which are open 24 hours a day and all are located within 1 mile of the site. 6. Adding a convenience store adjacent to a high school and public park encourages loiterers, unsafe activity and litter.

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The HELP US STOP THE PROPOSED 24-HOUR CONVENIENCE STORE AND 24-HOUR GAS STATION AT 500 WILLOW ROAD petition to City of Menlo Park, California was written by Leslie Pappas, Coldwell Banker and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.