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With audience figures dropping more frequently then ulrika johnson's knickers... it's obvious that radio 1 is in need of a major shakeup. Some have pointed toward the development and untilisation of new talent and trends. This may be the case, but without question radio 1 needs to invest in older more established talent as well to bolster the ratings.

One man waits poised in the wings, a former employee of radio 1 and currently presenting on heart...he is the man, the myth, PAT SHARPE!

His family orientated humour would no doubt herald the remergence of radio 1 listeners and increase the current profile of the station. This petition is proposing the move of the king of family based comedy PAT SHARPE taking over dave pearces drive time slot on the station. A man whose credentials shadow anyone else on radio 1 is the man needed to turn around the demise.

This petition will be promoted amongst the radio community, the concluding results will then be sent to the controller of radio one andy parfit.

We say, Pat Sharpe should be given the drive time slot on radio 1.

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