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1. Bring Congress back from Recess

Under Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution, we ask the President to call a Special Session of Congress.

This Special Session should address these 3 items:

1.) Human Rights
Action: a. Outlining the rights of Civilians (when apprehended or detained in Police custody, the process of public defense, easier process to restore voting rights to returning citizens) and -
b. the rights of police (proper/unified training, psychological evaluations, fair wages/ treatment for PTSD)

2.) Race Relations
Action: a. Updating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include anti-profiling language & increased funding to Community Relations Service (CRS)

3.) Gun Control
Action: Background Checks for those seeking to obtain a firearm and closing the Gun Show Loophole. A vote on reinstating the Federal Assault Weapon Ban.

2. Save Normanton Shooting Ground

Normanton shooting ground is approaching its 50th year, providing Thurlaston and the surrounding area with a unique family sporting facility. Priding themselves in supporting the community with Charity events, Tuition, CPSA and DTL competitions that bring people and business to the area.

Mick, Jay and the team are now under pressure from the Council to restrict the number of stands that they use, which will result in the closing of the ground. They have met every request that has been put to them over the years to help maintain a good relationship with the local residents. However these new demands could inevitably lead to the closure of the range, and the loss of livelihoods for all concerned.

There are over 100 members; we need your support with that of the Clay Pigeon fraternity and Leicestershire residents to keep the Ground open.

3. Release Mark David Chapman no later than August 2016

The purposes of any prison sentence are correction and justice, not revenge or undue suffering. The purpose of a minimum sentence to life is the very possibility of parole, unless without possibility of parole is a part of the sentence.

It is the job of the New York State Parole Board to assess whether or not the convicted criminal has followed his instructions and shown consistently good behavior and remorse in order to be eligible for parole. It is not for others, personally or politically, to influence the decision, only the inmate following what is expected of him to the best of his ability.

If indeed Mr. Chapman has been doing everything expected of him in prison in order to qualify for parole after not only 20 but almost 36 years, the ongoing prolonging of his time in prison is no longer humane. It is tantamount to an illegal, unwritten modification of his sentence to life without possibility of parole.

It is now not only apparent that Mark David Chapman has served almost 16 years more than his minimum of 20 years in prison but also that he has reformed and is no longer a danger to society or the family of his victim. If his own safety is truly in consideration, he should be allowed to decide for himself if he wants to face the risk of his personal freedom.

What should not be considered is anybody's personal or political feelings concerning the matter, provided there is nothing more he can do to qualify. Public feeling about the victim, while sad that he is no longer with us, is not a legal factor in parole, and treating an individual differently disrespects the families and memories of those murdered similarly who were not as famous.

4. Facebook Members against Thrill Killers posting photos publicly on Facebook

Killing for the thrill is unfortunately legal in the US and many countries. For many of us, thrill kill is not hunting at all but merely an excuse to slaughter animals that are not going to be consumed for sustenance, rather, killing for 'sport'. Sport involves competition and its quite clear that NO animal is going to have a chance to 'compete' with these killers, thus it simply is NOT 'sport', not sport for the animals at all. The creature has no chance of survival when there is a massively powered gun with a scope on it, aimed at it from a very safe distance by a very sick individual. This is not sport, this is murder/killing and its simply for a rush of adrenaline, lack of or too much, testosterone and lastly, bragging rights. This includes the men too; ladies, you are not being singled out.

While it is unlikely that as citizens and Facebook members signing this petition we can do much about this enormous foe and the income created from the hundreds of thousands of jobs it offers, the hunting, the guns & ammo, income from the sporty & fabulous clothing designs and the biggest foe - the NRA; we CAN make a stand, albeit a small one, by objecting to having to view the carnage of thrill kill on the public forum of Facebook. Any objection to thrill killing is taking a stand for animals rights and animal welfare, it also takes a stand against animal cruelty and abuse.

This petition serves to erradicate gruesome photos from Facebook. It also serves to bring more awareness to the all encompassing industry of thrill kill which is mostly comprised of elitists with tons of money.

Beautiful creatures die at the hands of people who believe they have a right to kill it regardless of it NOT being a source of food. Many argue it is their right as Americans (or human beings) to kill for the thrill and unfortunately, they are correct. It is my right, however, to complain and object to having to view the photos that are currently visible to the general public of Facebook.

5. Commemorative Canadian Coin for Nathan Cirillo and Brandon Stevenson at the Memorial

After the tragic shootings at the Canadian National War Memorial for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the honour guard of Nathan Cirillo and Brandon Stevenson, this petition seeks to create a Canadian circulation coin commemorating a scene of the monument with Nathan Cirillo and Brandon Stevenson standing guard.

The petition would be sent to:

Shawn Henderson
Director Product Development
Royal Canadian Mint
320 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0G8

6. Stop Law Enforcement From Shooting Dogs

In the last few years there have been an increase of cops killing family dogs all across America.

There are several videos of police shooting and killing innocent dogs that are not even doing anything, and it is so unnecessary.

All you have to do is do a search online and you will see how many dogs were shot and killed when they did not need to be. We hear about this daily, it is happening everywhere and it's because no one is doing a thing about it. These officers are shooting innocent animals right in front of the families and children.

Majority of the shootings that take place the dogs are not even doing anything, we also hear about the officers slashing the dogs by the throat, something has to be done about this, the police policy states they are allowed to shoot if necessary....they are taking advantage and shooting even though they did not need to do so.....These are family members. These aren't "just dogs".

There is another solution. Animal control officers should be called to assist. Police officers need proper training on how to humanely secure the dog.

This is wrong!

7. Ban all forms of hunting (including shooting)

Hunting, in my view, is a very cruel, barbaric activity. No matter how "humane" or "clean" the kill is, I still feel that ALL needless killing when done by human beings is wrong.

Animals can and do commit acts of kindness, both towards their own species and towards other species. For instance, Angel the pit bull saved a woman and her child from an attacker. Weela, another pit bull, saved at least 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses and a cat in her lifetime. Foxes have been known to help each other, dogs have been known to mourn deceased people whom they had loved, at least one horse has been known to save his/her rider and I have even heard of a wolf that, apparently, saved a man's life.

Hunting can be dangerous for people as well as cruel to animals. People can get injured whilst out hunting and, no matter how careful the hunters/shooters are, I still feel that there is a risk that they could end up shooting a person.

8. Stop the stray dogs massacre in Elbasan Albania


Address : Str . " Rinia" L. " V.Xhuvani " , Tel . +355 54 53586 , Fax E- mail ........... .......

No ____ protocol Elbasan 12/09/2013

Form No. .3

Invitation to Bid

Name and address of the contracting authority : Enterprise of Public Services
Municipality of Elbasan
Address : Str . "rinia" L. "V. Xhuvani"
Tel / Fax . +355 54 53586
Name and address of the responsible person :

Name : Alketa Merkja
Address : Str . "Rinia" L. "V. Xhuvani"
Tel / Fax . +355 54 53586 mob 0674046446
E- mail :

The Contracting Authority, Public Services Enterprise of Elbasan will develop the procurement procedure with small value to limit fund 390 500 without VAT, with the subject : Elimination of sick and aggressive stay dogs.

Date of development will be the date 13.09.2013 12.00 at
Please submit your bid for this procurement subject , with the following data:
Elimination of sick and aggressive street dogs under estimate attached.

Deadline for submitting the winning operator , as well with the required documentation in the premises of Public Services Enterprise will be within two days of the evaluation of bids.

                                                                                       Ing / Ireland Sina

Name of tenderer_____________________ Date _____ . _____2013

Elimination of 400 headings (sick and aggressive dogs for the city of Elbasan)

Eleminim i 400 krereve (qen te semure dhe agresiv per qytetin e Elbasanit)


This petition is to help retain the Belmont Shooting Complex and allow it to continue operating for the purpose it was originally established for in 1916.

Housing development in the area have acknowledged that the shooting complex exists, but many residents are trying to impose restrictions on our operations and restrict the sporting activities of legitimate shooters and range users.

The establishment of a precinct would help protect our sport in the future from more housing developments..

10. Legalise hunting of feral pests within Victorian State Game Reserves

Hunting of game species (deer, duck and quail), in season is currently permitted within Victorian State Game Reserves. However, pest species may not be hunted, even with a Registration of Interest to Hunt Pest Animals on Crown Land, except when specifically authorised by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

Hunters of game species are keenly aware of the impact of introduced pests such as the European Red Fox, Feral Cat and European Rabbit on native ecosystems. The vast majority also hunt species designated as feral on private and Crown land, in addition to game species in season.

Organisations such as Field and Game Australia undertake significant efforts to preserve and restore wetlands and funds from the purchase of Victorian Game Licences is used to finance activities such as research, construction of nest boxes, revegetation and waterfowl surveys. The removal of introduced pests that threaten both target and non-target native and game secies should be a logical and holistic part of these conservation efforts.

Several State Game Reserves (eg. Lake Goldsmith) are wetlands that dry up before duck season commences on years of decreased rainfall. The ducks leave. Hunters have currently little incentive to visit these places in the absence of legal game, and feral species that move in threaten the establishment of waterfowl when the water returns.

As firearms use is already permitted within these reserves, allowing hunters to also take pest species does not pose an additional risk to public safety.

Lastly, most State Game Reserves are bordered by private agricultural land upon which their landowners perform their own pest control. As long as feral species can find sanctuary within the Reserves, they will always be able to recolonise adjacent private land and render these efforts futile.

11. Arm our Schools and Children Against Terror (ASCAT)

Since the tragedy’s at Columbine High School on April 20th of 1999, our nation has bared witness to more than it's rightful share of school shootings, massacres and terrorists acts.

The most recent of such attacks happened on December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hooks Elementary School in Newton, CT killing 20 six and seven year old children and six adults. Our children are not safe. This cannot be tolerated any longer in simple hopes of a better solution. Our children have the right to go to school and be safe from the tyranny of terrorists.

It is up to you Mr. President and our respected, elected officials to grant us the means necessary to better arm our schools and shield our beloved. This threat cannot be solved by written law to try and deter terror. Taking away guns leaves our children left to fate and that’s a risk parents are not willing to take. We want our schools armed.

ASCAT demands that every school have at least one armed Police or Military Officer on campus during school hours and extended activities after school hours. The following is a list of other demands we want to see enforced:

1. Five willing and evaluated teachers from every campus to undergo police and firearm training, licensed to carry a concealed firearm.
2. Required firearm training and carrying license for the principal of every school and have them armed on campus.
3. Gun safes in classrooms of participating teachers and principals office to restrain access by students.
4. Panic buttons placed in every classroom with a unique sound that can be delivered throughout the school and to police to alert of terrorists attacks.
5. Teacher & Staff anti-terrorists seminars and workshops.
6. Act and Respond panic drills for students.
7. Locks on classrooms with reinforced doors and glass.
8. Better front door security and reinforcements.
9. Secondary devices such as electric tasers for participating teachers and principal.
10. Secondary reinforced door access to student population.

This isn’t a battle that is going to end without a fight. For the safety of our children and our educators we must arm our schools. It is just a matter of time before this happens again and when it does we must be ready.

You can’t stop a terrorist from attempting an attack, but you can stand up against them when the attack is made.

12. Require a Form of Class and/or License Prior to the Purchase of Any Firearm

When purchasing a firearm the requirements are lenient and lacking depth.

With recent tragedies we have witnessed the horrific events that are made possible when a firearm is placed in the hands of an irresponsible/under evaluated owner.

This petition proposes that as a nation we require a form of class and/or licensing prior to the purchase of any firearm.

Including, but not limited to, sanity evaluation, awareness, and of course gun safety.

With a form of testing in order to be licensed and able to purchase/possess a fire arm.

13. Force more gun control

In 1998 Canada implemented a new fire arms law in wich extensive background checks are conducted. Licences have been denied and revoked. To date, mass fatalities have dropped as firearms are less abundant. The U.S. has a slightly similar law called the Brady Handgun Control Act, however it seems that there is no real attempt to ensure firearms are not left in the wrong hands.

True there will always be home invasions and the possibility of one being taken however the fewer the gun population, the less potential for tragedy. It is not a human right to bare arms privately, it is a privilege. Had this privilege been taken seriously by the gun owner and the government perhaps the 27 people (20 of which were elementary age children) who were shot and killed would be spending this Saturday preparing for the holiday.

Please sign this petition for tougher gun control and penalties.

14. ENFORCE Hunting Laws in Lebanon

The Indiscriminate Killing of any type of Migratory or Resident Birds at any time of the year (and surely increasing at the Migratory Season), ..the shooting that is happening at any location (not just in the Bekaa Valley, or High lands),.. between olive groves, fruit gardens, agriculture fields, between houses in villages, the use of hunting guns by people as young as 7 years old,… this is not just killing beneficial birds that help control the ecological balance (the birds help in harmful insects reduction and therefore directly contribute to a healthy agriculture and to the farmers reducing the use of chemical fertilizers) but also spreading all "heavy metals" / "toxic chemicals" from the bullets shot in the air, powder falling on the soil, on the fruits, olives, vegetables, infiltrating the soil and polluting the ever rare fresh water…

This is simply a Suicidal activity..not just for the country Lebanon but also to the Region and the whole Planet since we are all Connected on our Home, Planet Earth.

The number of migratory birds killed in Lebanon has throughout the years reached an industrial scale with Millions of birds killed yearly (Ministry of Environment, 2001); can you guess how much is it now?

The Rift Valley/Red Sea flyway is the second most important flyway for migratory soaring birds (raptors, storks, pelicans and some ibis) in the world, with over 1.5 million birds of 37 species, including 5 globally threatened species, using this corridor between their breeding grounds in Europe and West Asia and wintering areas in Africa each year. Source: UNDP.

In Lebanon: because of geographical conditions, the flight corridor narrows down to a few kilometers, producing a bottleneck through which the migratory birds have to pass. In the Bekaa plains, the migratory birds' corridor narrows down to 15 km; here, call for action is very urgent. Countless songbirds such as larks, reed warblers, blackcaps, finches and nightingales, but also larger migratory birds such as cranes, white and black storks, hen harriers, ospreys and Bonelli's eagles fall prey to fowling.¨ source:

Lebanon is a hugely important country for migration as it is on one of the most important migration routes in the world.

The country is a link in a chain of countries through which the birds migrate i.e. that the flyway is a single unit and that actions taken in one country can have knock-on effects beyond its borders, and that there is therefore a joint responsibility for the conservation of these birds.

In Lebanon, where hunting is a social sport and hunters have no knowledge of nor respect for species, season, timing, laws, private or protected land, or safety of others, practices include shooting, poisoning, capture and trapping using various mostly illegal practices (e.g. glue sticks, light equipment). Migratory Soaring Birds such as eagles, vultures, ospreys and falcons are all hunted despite protection under international law, particularly along the western slopes of Mt. Lebanon. (Source: UNDP, BirdLife International).

15. Close Down Century 16 For Good

About 20 minutes into the midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" at Aurora's Century 16 theater on July 20, a gunman, James Holmes, entered through an emergency exit and opened fire on unsuspecting movie goers -- the shooting left 12 dead and 58 injured.

16. A petiton to commend the actions of officers in April 21st Kings Cross Shooting

This petition is to commend the actions taken by the NSW Police Officers when juvenile delinquents posed a serious risk to public safety.

Around 4am on Saturday the 21st of April 2012 a NSW Police Officer shot two juvenile suspects in Kings Cross in a stolen car that mounted the sidewalk and struck two pedestrians. One of the police officers deployed his firearm to stop the car. The 14 year old driver was hit once in the chest and once in the arm, and the passenger was struck in the neck. The car also had 5 other passengers.

The media has since portrayed the incident as a racial hate crime due to the aboriginal ethnicity of the driver and passengers.

This petition is a direct retaliation to the petition criticizing the ‘brutal’ reaction by police. The matter still remains that the driver was unlicensed, driving a stolen, overloaded car and a serious threat to public safety. Pedestrians were jumping for their lives after the car mounted the curb, police attempted to stop the offending care without force but to no success. The driver deliberately disobeyed police instruction to stop, running over an officer’s foot before hitting two female pedestrians. One of these pedestrians was trapped under the car.

This is not a racial hate crime. The actions of police had no weighting on the ethnicity of the boys. A crime was committed and due force was used. It should not be expect that aboriginal youths receive favorable treatment in the eyes of the law. It is also unreasonable to argue police could have shot out the cars tires instead. Not only is this against police training, but it isn’t a guarantee of stopping the car. It is also noted the pedestrian struck was trapped under the same car. Out of anyone involved, this female pedestrian was the only innocent victim.

As a law abiding citizen I believe the driver and his passengers committed a serious criminal offence, posed a serious hazard to public safety and upon failing to stop when initially directed, waived their rights to police favor. The police officers involved used necessary force to subdue and detain those responsible and had a responsibility to the general population to ensure public safety.

The police officers actions were in the best intentions of the public and his job and career should not be compromised because of it.

17. Stop Rhino Poaching

Rhino poaching in South Africa is a very serious issue, as of the 3rd of November 2011 341 rhinos have been killed so far this year outstripping last year’s total of 333 and it’s not even the end of the year.

Rhino poachers in SA are even targeting dehorned rhinos for two reasons, firstly there is still a substantial piece of horn below the surface of the skin and secondly by killing the rhino it increases the price of rhino horn as it becomes a more valuable commodity. It is for this second reason that many poachers are also killing baby rhinos which have little or no horn at all. Fewer rhinos equals more money per kilogram of rhino horn.

Rhino horn is widely used in Chinese culture as it is believed it can cure a wide variety of ailments varying from boils to cancer and even devil possession. It has no medicinal value it is compressed hair or kerratin the same as you would find in your finger nails.

In middle east culture rhino horn is a status symbol if you have one as a sheath for your dagger. Needless to say many other materials could be used.

Your signature is massively appreciated.


18. Mandatory creation of emergency "Clinic in Malls"

The shopping malls have become a favorite place of Filipinos to relax, unwind and shop. The accessibility of these establishments at workplaces and schools make it even more appealing to the public even on weekdays. Also, they provide a 'one-stop-shop' in which you can purchase all the things you like - from your needs to your wants.

These establishments also replaced the traditional public places like public plazas and parks, and one of the major reasons for this shift is the increasing crimes happening on streets like bag-snatching and kidnappings. The citizens, seeing the private security guards, find the mall as a safer alternative.

However, last September 21, 2011, two teens were killed in a shooting incident inside one of the biggest mall operators in the country. The PNP just passed by on the limp body of the victims while waiting for the rescuers. No first aid was provided.

This incident was the third of such incident that happened in one of the biggest malls in the Philippines. The second, a wife shot his husband who was a sales clerk in the mall, and the third, a security guard who was killed during a shootout. And, there could have been more unreported cases to add on this list.

If there could have just been an emergency clinic with trained medical staff, furnished with emergency equipment, precious lives could have been saved.

Local government units, most especially the chief executive, must act accordingly as mandated to them under the law, that the safety and general welfare of the people must be their utmost consideration. Hence, there should be an ordinance for the mandatory creation of Clinic in Malls to compel mall owners to comply with the requirement.

Let us keep the malls, still, a happy and safe place to go.

19. Save the Wolves

Wolves are the ancestor of domestic dogs. Many people think that they are dangerous creatures, but they are only generally dangerous to people if the people enter their territory, get too close to their den and/or pups, threaten them or torment them, if there are little to no other prey around for them to eat.

Ranchers often fire the guns in the air to frighten the wolves instead of killing them. Despite this, however, the US government plan on culling wolves. The methods used here would be extremely cruel and would probably involve poisoning and shooting.

Despite what some people may tell you, shooting is not a humane death. If you miss and hit an animal in the wrong place, you can injure it and it will probably die slowly due to blood loss or starvation. Poisoning is also a very cruel death. The animals that are poisoned can, depending on the type of poison, take hours to die, and they will almost certainly be in terrible pain.

Wolves are an endangered species and we don't know how many are left now. This "cull" could bring the species even closer to extinction.

20. We want Concealed Carry in New Jersey

States with right-to-carry laws have lower violent crime rates. On average, right-to-carry states have 22 percent lower total violent crime rates, 30 percent lower murder rates, 46 percent lower robbery rates, and 12 percent lower aggravated assault rates, compared to the rest of the country. The seven states with the lowest violent crime rates are right-to-carry states.

Want to lower crime in New Jersey? Pass concealed carry in the Garden State.

21. Labour Party should end support of gamebird shooting and snaring

Labour in and out of government has long supported the shooting industry. This support of bloodsports continues despite defeat at the general election. At the last Labour Party conference a Labour spokesman again pledged Labour support for the gamebird industry and all the horrors that go with it.

For thirteen years the Labour Party in government gave active and sustained support to the gamebird industry, endorsing barbaric bloodsports and the medieval snaring and persecution of our wildlife.

Huge numbers of people across the country have long been appalled by Labour's support of shooting and cited it as a reason they left the Labour Party or no longer vote for it.

Support for killing sentient creatures for fun and persecuting our wildlife is incompatible with progressive ideals and values of compassion and decency.

22. Increase age of handgun ownership to 25 years in Canada

Restrict handgun storage and use to shooting ranges in Canada and increase age of handgun ownership to 25 years.

To increase the safety of our communities and to protect members of society we ask that the age of handguns ownership be increased to age 25 and that handgun storage be restricted to shooting ranges and not transported in Canada.

23. Stop Camel Killing - Carcasses Left Slumped Over NT to Rot!

Stop the Northern Territory Government from culling 6,000 camels in less than a few weeks!! They will be shot from the air, left to suffer and rot into the ground!! Sign this petition and join the My Outback TV Facebook group if you think it should be better managed and if culling is needed, it is to be humane with the meat used for human or pet consumption!! TV celebrity Troy Dann from Outback Adventures has joined this fight - SIGN NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!

Visit: team blog for the full story.

24. Support NSW National Parks Hunting Bill

The Shooters Party's Robert Brown has placed a Bill before the NSW Parliament which will allow hunting access to the State's National Parks.

The value of this Bill as a conservation tool is limitless and if successfully passed will help save countless native flora and fauna populations from predation by introduced and feral animals.

25. Repeal the Handgun Ban

The current Firearms legislation was introduced in 1997 in the wake of a truly horrific shooting in Dunblane. The intent was that by removing legally held handguns, the volume of handgun associated crime would be reduced. In reality the exact opposite has resulted. Since 1997 the number of offences involving handguns has rocketed. This has effectively disproved any connection between the legal ownership of handguns and gun related crime.

Many have been concerned over the way in which the Dunblane massacre occurred. Thomas Hamilton held a firearms certificate and the handguns he used were legally held. The supporters of the ban cite this as the prime reason for banning the legal ownership of handguns. What they fail to recognise is that the prevailing legislation had within it checks and balances, which if they had been correctly applied would have ensured that Hamilton's license was revoked and all handguns removed from him. Aside from Thomas Hamilton, two other parties bear responsibility for the massacre. These are the individual who witnessed his application for a firearms certificate and who stated that Hamilton was, in their view, a fit person to keep firearms. The other party is the local police, who should have run background checks to satisfy themselves that he was a suitable person, as well as interviewing him and ensuring that place he intended to store any firearms was secure.

The 1997 legislation was a knee jerk reaction. If the same response was applied to other major loss of life caused by an individual, we would have banned all public transport as well as the car. It was more a case of political showboating on the part of New Labour in the run in to a general election. It has demonised thousands of individuals for no benefit. It cost the taxpayer millions in compensation and did nothing to halt the rise in gun crime, notably that involving handguns. It affected a large number of small businesses - the precision engineering involved in the small arms trade has been all but wiped out.

To sum up, the 1997 Firearms Amendment Act has done nothing to reduce crime, has been highly expensive and was unnecessary as existing legislation, if applied, would ensure that handguns were held securely and only owned by responsible individuals.

26. Keep Our Local Gun Range in the Redlands OPEN

In Our community, a friend of ours has been unnecessarily beaten down by the LOCAL political machine. We're all aware of "Henry's", a well established and enduring Outdoor Sport Shooting and Training Range South West of the Redlands of Homestead.

The Range, owned by Henry & Betty Ladue since 1994 has come 'under fire' by several entities as of late in order to shut it down completely. It has even been said that there lacked community backing/need for use of the range.

Henry has complied with every request of many public hearings and code requirements and is still being harassed by an unregulated office (Environmental Quality Control Board (EQCB) not having oversight but with the power to say whether we can have an outdoor gun range or not. We believe that our Florida State Statute 790.333 and Our 2nd Amendment guarantees we can exercise the rights provided therein on this property. Please also make your support known to the Zoning Department - Franklin Gutierrez - FAX (305) 372-6106 and be sure to include this Dade Planning & Zoning Process Number Z2009000114

27. Tiukempi ampuma-aselaki Suomeen - Finland needs tougher gun legislation

Within less than a year, Finland has seen two separate school shooting tragedies.

On 7 November 2007, Pekka-Eric Auvinen, 18, shot dead eight and himself at Jokela High School in Tuusula, southern Finland; on 23 September 2008, Matti Juhani Saari, 22, killed ten and himself at the college of Kauhajoki, western Finland.

Both Auvinen and Saari committed their murders by .22 calibre semi-automatic handguns, which both of them had legally obtained and registered with the police less than a month before the incidents. Both had received their permits on the grounds that target shooting at shooting range was their hobby. Auvinen was a member of a local shooting club, even if the club later confirmed that he had only attended a single one-hour training session there. As of the evening of 23 September it was still unclear whether Saari was a member to any shooting club; in legislation membership is not even a requirement. As is the common practice in Finland, both stored their guns in their homes.

With 56 firearms per 100 inhabitants, Finland has the world's third highest (official) gun ownership ratio in the world, behind only the US and Yemen. This reflects both a long national tradition of hunting and sport shooting, as well as, relatedly, a comparatively lax gun legislation.

Not only are hunting firearms (e.g. shotguns, rifles) easy to acquire by standards of any other any other rich-world country, but also handguns (e.g. pistols), with no relevant hunting purpose, can be obtained with very little inconvenience. (It is telling that Auvinen, a 18-year-old first-time licensee, had initially applied permit for a deadlier 9 mm Beretta pistol; this was denied as too powerful for a beginner, but since he had no criminal record such a request did not allow/oblige the police to either reject or vet further his second application.)

The Finnish government is currently preparing a new gun legislation. The need for a new law was prompted by an EU directive which mandates the countries to forbid the selling of firearms to people who are under 18 years old (something that Finland until the Jokela massacre opposed), and up to date was not meant to include any other major changes.

By signing this petition you express your concern over the Finnish gun laws, and demand the legislator to review them considerably further and sooner than required by the European Union.

Guns indeed never kill people, but they make it much easier. That's why owning them must be made more difficult.

28. Bring Back Juvenile Military service

With youth violence & crimes on the increase, and a society in turmoil; the governments liberal approach has backfired, having disarming parents & teachers by taken away the power to discipline which in turn installs respect; has contributed to youths forming their own interpretation of respect with no regards for authority; they repeatedly flout the law, disrespect those in authority, with no regards for human decency, behaviour or life.

Society is unable to modify this behaviour - they have no answer. Parents have little or no rights, the courts are ignored, prison we are told is not the answer.

Making Military service compulsory to all Juvenile males would install the disciple which is often lacking, break up gang culture, give focus and direction, turn them from boys to men, free up prisons and bring soldiers home from war.

Lets have 1 - 3 years military service, where you have no rights, you do as you are told or suffer the consequences. Seems the Forces can do what they like to achieve what they want.

Please sign this petition.

29. Reform South Carolina Animal Euthanasia Laws

South Carolina Law Reads: Allowable methods of euthanasia.

(A) Only the following methods of euthanasia may be used to kill animals impounded or quarantined in animal shelters, and the procedure applicable to the method selected must be strictly followed:

(1) Barbituric acid derivatives:

(2) Carbon monoxide gas:

(a) dogs and cats, except animals under sixteen weeks of age, may be killed by bottled carbon monoxide gas administered in a tightly enclosed chamber. The chamber must be equipped with: (i) internal lighting and a window providing direct visual surveillance of the collapse and death of any animal within the chamber; (ii) the gas concentration process must be adequate to achieve a carbon monoxide gas concentration throughout the chamber of at least six percent within five minutes after any animal is placed in the chamber. The chamber must have a functioning gas concentration gauge attached to the chamber and a strong airtight seal must be maintained around the door; (iii) the unit shall include an exhaust fan connected by a gas-tight duct to the outdoors capable of completely evacuating the gas from the chamber before it is opened after each use, except that this provision does not apply to chambers located out-of-doors; (iv) animals must be left in the chamber for a period of no less than fifteen minutes from the time the gas concentration throughout the chamber reaches six percent.

(b) no person may euthanize an animal by gas emitted from any engine exhaust system.

(c) in all instances where a carbon monoxide chamber is used: (i) no incompatible or hostile animals, or animals of different species, may be placed in any chamber simultaneously; (ii) every chamber must be thoroughly cleaned after the completion of each full cycle. No live animals may be placed in the chamber with dead animals; (iii) all animals must be examined by a veterinarian or certified euthanasia technician to ensure they are dead upon removal from the chamber; (iv) all chambers must be inspected quarterly by an independent, qualified technician who is thoroughly knowledgeable with the operation and maintenance of the particular euthanasia chamber being used; (v) an operational guide and maintenance instructions must be displayed in the room with the euthanasia chamber.

(3) Shooting: Shooting may be used as a means of euthanasia only in an emergency situation to prevent extreme suffering or in which the safety of people or other animal life is threatened or where it is considered necessary by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to eliminate or control the population of feral animals.

Meaning Gassing is still legal in SC.
This is a very inhumane way of euthanizing an animal. This form needs to be eliminated completely. Euthanizing should only be an option when determined as the best solution for the animal by a licensed Veterinarian.

30. Erie County needs more animal control officers! STOP SHOOTING DOGS!

I have lived in Erie County all of my life.

I know these events are true from the media, and witnesses. I also know Erie does not have a reduced cost spay/neuter program, nor a catch/fix/release program for feral cats.