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Every/Any one who blames games for violence, etc.
United States of America

People keep blaming video games for the cause of several things including the school shootings. I know several people who play violent videogames and they never get violent or take what they have played and put it into real life. I've played many videogames and i never thought of going a shooting a whole bunch of people. Why do people blame videogames? It's because they have nothing else to blame it on. Can't blame the internet because everyone uses it. People such as those senators or other officials that blame video games are completely wrong. Another way someone would blame video games for violence in children and teens is because they see that many games contain blood, shooting, ripping limbs off of people, and sniping people's heads off, and they don't want to see they're children playing these games. Well if parents don't want they're children playing these games, then why do they buy them? If parents want to stop violence, don't buy their child the violent games. Even though several violent games have sold alot (Grand Theft Auto 3), I think that video games aren't the problem, it's the parents and their lack of thought. How could a parent NOT see the big label saying rated "M" for mature?

I, the signer of this petition, think that video games should not be blamed for violence, but parents that buy and/or rent these games or movies for their children are the cause.

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