#Human Rights
United States of America

Five Cubans are political prisoners of the United States. They suffer an injustice in different American jails. They are the victims of injustice handed out by the traditional enemies of Cuba, the extreme right wing of Miami and Washington. With fraud, pressure and maneuvers they were able to get the jury to indict them for espionage, even though it was never proven and even though in the trial the accusers recognized that they had not gained any intelligence secrets nor were they responsible for the shooting down of the two planes.

It is a crime to convict 5 heroic persons who, without ever resorting to violence, without injuring anyone, were carrying out the duty of gathering information on Miami terrorist groups and their plans against Cuba. They were treated inhumanely by a corrupt Miami court system, and are now confined in five different jails in the United States.

Almost a year after their arrest, cynically, the grave charge of murder conspiracy was leveled against them, relating them to the shooting down in February of 1996 of the two planes over international waters. Planes under the command of Jose Basulto, a shadowy Miami figure that was involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion, and a terrorist who, in 1987, had machined gun a hotel on the coast of Cuba. It can be added that for years Basulto and his band of pirates had violated Cuban airspace with full knowledge and tolerance of US authorities.

I am requesting an investigation into Cuban American terrorist groups operating within the US in complicity with the Cuban American National Foundation. Terrorist groups such as Alpha 66 have operated with impunity in the United States, receiving funding from the CANF. Five Cuban citizens have been imprisoned unfairly in Florida for allegedly spying on the US, although it is widely known that they were there to keep tabs on known terrorist groups originating in Miami. Please, investigate thoroughly the terrorist groups in Florida and elsewhere affiliated with the CANF. If we are truly fighting a war against ALL terrorists, we surely cannot afford to allow these groups to operate within the United States with impunity. The five Cuban prisoners must receive a fair trial, and the Cuban American terrorist groups must be investigated and punished.

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