#Civil Rights
Police Department
United States of America

This young man Damien Mitchell made the head lines of a local newspaper after he was shoot 3 times and almost killed and the newspaper did not post any concerns of the shooting incident but printed this youngs man past history on the front Page which was not necessary.

Whatever he was charged with in the past and convicted on in the past is not relevent to this case. I feel that his rights was violated. He still should be treated as a human regardless of his past.

Does his shooting get ignored because he has a past? Does the Police Department have the right to slander his name?

If you agree that this situation was not handled properly and feel this young man's past should not have been published, please sign.

He was not a fugitive so what was the point to providing the public with his background if he is not been convicted on those crimes.

We, the undersigned, do not believe that the Police Department has the right to slander Damien Mitchell.

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