#Animal Rights
County Executive: Mark DiVecchio, Mayor: Joseph Sinnott, City Council Pres.: Ru

I have lived in Erie County all of my life.

I know these events are true from the media, and witnesses. I also know Erie does not have a reduced cost spay/neuter program, nor a catch/fix/release program for feral cats.

We the undersigned ask that Erie County employ more Animal Control officers to humanely capture stray dogs.

Having only one Animal Control officer with the working hours of 8:00AM until 4:30PM cannot properly, and humanly handle all of the calls a city the size of Erie requires. The neglect in this department has resulted in the shooting deaths of at least 10 dogs in the year 2007. We ask that said Animal Control officers work supportingly along side with area Rescues for the benefit of the animals.

We also ask that the use of a stun agent be implemented as soon as possible to allow cornered dogs to be given the chance of a complete, calm, educated evaluation of temperament. The Erie police could then concentrate their time on finding, and stopping the abusive owners who use dogs for profit in dog fighting rings that are rampant in Erie.

We also ask that elected Erie County and City Officials start a reduced cost, spay and neutering program in Erie to help owners afford this needed surgery, and help control over population of these stray animals.

A feral cat spay/neuter release program is also needed in Erie, and we ask that this be implemented as well.

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The Erie County needs more animal control officers! STOP SHOOTING DOGS! petition to County Executive: Mark DiVecchio, Mayor: Joseph Sinnott, City Council Pres.: Ru was written by Tina Halloran and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.