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With the ever growing popularity of the Delta Force series, and the latest release of Delta Force Black Hawk Down it is has come to my attention that the WANTS and NEEDS of the df community are not being met by the produces, Novalogic.

There are many players out there that play an excellent, fair and well matched game out on the Novaworld stats servers. However, there are players that take great pride in ruining our fun WE (us the fair players) make and set our own rules for the server, ie. KNIVES ONLY. These rules are obviously not obeyed by the rebelling community and hence take the enjoyment out for the other rule abiding players.

With this petition I hope to change that, If we get e good amount of votes to request that Novalogic/Novaworld puts up a KNIVES ONLY server that is stats enabled, this will mean that the rules CANNOT be broken and the game play will be great.

If there are players in there that CHEAT or generally abuse the system, I would ask if Novalogic also install such secondary software to their servers to allow a VOTE BANNING/PUNTING mechanism where the players of the server can vote out another player that is abusing the system.

Hopefully this petetion will not be in vain an more players will sign up and give their "signatures" if not, I have had my say and we will see what and where this goes.


Please sign the petition so we can get a knives only server for this game and have fun once again and not let it be spoilt by the rebel df community.

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