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#beginner needs a change and a change now!

Over the past years the channel #beginner has been running. Becoming very popular with their strict rules that pretty much say "No Fun Allowed". They have decided to get rid of the whole purpose of IRC. To Have fun, to actually enjoy it. It's kind of hard to though when rules as strict as #beginner's prohibits any of it. They say it is a 'family channel', well unless 'ginner is full of people from Arkansas I don't think its much of a family in there. Different faces, and opinions. It is Now time rebel against the ways of #beginner who try to give IRC channels a bad name. It is time to change the way the channel is run, change the rules and stop the 'Family Channel' bullcrap. Your support is needed because any good channel listens to the users. By signing this petition you are fed up with the rules, the no fun aspect and the channel itself. It's time for a change and it can happen.

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The Enough is Enough - time to change channel #beginner petition to XNET Users was written by Kevin "Beer God" and is in the category Arts & Entertainment at GoPetition.