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Fernando, vettethreat94z, was once a member of CamaroZ28.Com's message board. He was far from a "regularly-posting" member. His many posts were once filled with sincerity, jest and, at times, vital information. Sure, he was out of line at times, but he always made sure to never push the limits of the board moderators and administrators...

...Until one day.

Fernando sincerely admits he's sorry for flaming a board moderator, but he believes that banning him was not the best choice of punishment. He states: "If I were to be given just one more chance, I'd be a productive member once again. One that abides by the rules set forth by the CamaroZ28.Com team at all times."

CamaroZ28.Com's board was the FIRST online message board Fernando had EVER registered for. He's met many members from the board and has gained many friendships from it, as well. He's gained so much from the message board and appreciated all of it. Some of the newfound skills he learned from the board are practiced in his life in North Texas. Now, since he's banned, he feels like he's lost a part of his history and identity.

Those that still talk to him know how he feels. Here's your turn to make a difference.

We, the members of CamaroZ28.Com, want "vettethreat94z" reinstated and given another chance to be a productive member of the message board. We believe that it's possible for him to abide by all rules at ALL times, once again. We urge you (CamaroZ28.Com Team), PLEASE REINSTATE FERN. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

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