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This is a simple Petition regarding leagues use of lobbys in pogo.com As of now there are no rules regarding league usage in Pogo rooms, and as a consenquence another company has started targeting lobbys to push there New system. The Problem is they are very rude, and hostile to the leagues that have built in pogo, and to the players that just come in for a friendly game. We feel that a universial set of rules added to the tos, regarding all leagues and lobby behavior would greatly reduce the amount of complaints recieved by pogo.com, and save us myleaguers a big headache of trying to protect our lobbys from vicious assaults, that we ourselfs have to answer for thru our company www.myleague.com

The company in question is Rankmonters www.rankmonsters.com and there support staff and owners are the same as the admins pushing there new system. Very rude and extremly crude!

This is a open eyes petition that will be sent to pogo on conclusion.

We say, Amend pogo's Terms of Service to include a universal set of rules regarding all leagues, and ladder companys. For all games in pogo!!

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