David Gallop

After the Corporate scandals of recent time, the "creative accountants" have hit our beloved game of Rugby League. So who is to blame? The players? The Board? The Administration? Who will suffer from this disaster? Any hint of banishment from the comp, plain & simply turns the issue into a ring circus, where the players are the main attraction - the performing Scape Goats.

The NRL needs to take a good look at this very grey area. There is no question that punishment is granted. But there are harsh ramifications associated with any punishment involving the heart of the game - namely the players & supporters.

We all know that the game of Rugby League has experienced a lot of turbulence, especially over the past few years. We now have a new scale of scandal. The corporate collapses of OneTel & HIH here in Australia as well as unprecedented collapses overseas such as Enron & WorldCom voiced well-publicised public concern for the employees of each organisation, & well-deserved condemnation for all accountable parties involved. ANY hint that any of the companies could be bought out & "rescued" in order to save the employees was unanimously welcomed. The NRL & Rugby League public alike need to be consistent with this protocol & belief. The bulldog players are the "employees" here. Why should they suffer due to mismanagement? Same game, different players.

We need to unite as one to do what's best for the game. Banishment to the bottom of the table will prove one thing: that the NRL doesn't want to resolve the problem; they just want to make a "statement".

We the undersigned acknowledge that punishment is granted to the Canterbury Rugby League Club. But, we do however want to voice our disgust at the decision made by David Gallop & co.. Robbing the premiership leaders of all season points is totally hitting the wrong conclusion. Mr Gallop, you need to hit the hip pocket of those responsible rather than hitting the hearts of players & innocent fans. Therefore make an example of those responsible... not the team! Please re-consider your decision, as this decision will only harm the game of Rugby League.

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