Peter Hines

To all of the Elder Scrolls 3 Forum users: It has become painfully clear that the moderator situation has grown out of control. Moderators with too much power are oppressing the forums users, and they are using their power to fulfill personal vendettas that they may have with certain users.

Supervision of these Moderators is almost non-existant, because only TWO Administrators actually lay claim to the responsibility of maintaining the forum and its moderators. As anyone can tell, there is too large a load for too few people to handle, and this is why ALL the users of the forums demand a reform of the Moderator staff and power.

We feel the new Moderator Structure should be as follows:

1.) Moderators do NOT have the power to BAN users from the forums.
2.) Specific individual Moderators shall be assigned a specific forum and is held responsible for actions in their forums.
3.) Only Administrators shall be permitted to BAN users, AFTER a hearing has taken place with the Moderators about the offending user.
4.) If a BAN is executed, the BANNING ADMINISTRATOR shall issue a detailed email to the BANNED user stating, in depth, the details of their offence, the reason for their ban, and where in the User Agreement they violated the terms they agreed to when they signed up.

To elaborate these reform options:
1.) Too many chiefs and not enough braves is the sentiment there. If every moderator is allowed to ban any user at whim, a vulgar display of power is inevitable, such as the current state of the forums!
2.) If you read the forum information, you'll notice a huge moderator/administrator mix is responsible for ALL the forums. This is too much work, and more than HALF those listed Moderators/Administrators are actively involved in Moderating the forums. If you assign two or three Moderators to a forum, its much easier for them to keep it under control, and you have no overlapping and hasty desicions made.
3.) This is a given. If every policeman was allowed to carry out Judge, Jury, and Executioner with every person he arrested, you would have many many dead people. Simply because the wrong people have all the power. Responsible Administrators should be responsible for making banning decisions, based on a general Moderator consensus that deals with the problem causing user, the number of offences they made, and where exactly in the user agreement they are violating. Only after this is accomplished can a ban be executed with 100% flawlessness and justice.
4.) Banned users have a RIGHT to know WHY they were BANNED. A simple vague reason provided by the forums with a equally vague error message is NOT good enough! Banned users need to know what they did wrong, where they violated their user agreement, and what their being banned for. This way, there is no way a user can have any grounds to cause more trouble or question the decisions made against them.

This petition is to establish order on a ramshackle slip-shod poorly managed forum, whose users are FED UP with being miss-treated by the power-abusing Moderators, and the unprofessional methods of their actions.

The forum users want JUSTICE!

We say, Reform the corrupted and poorly managed Moderator system at the Elder Scrolls 3 forum!

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