Ernie Eves - Premier of the Province of Ontario

The majority of orphaned baby animals the Ottawa Carleton Wildlife Centre (OCWC) receives for care come in alone or in pairs. For successful socialization and reintroduction to the wild, they are put in normal family-size groups of four to five animals. They spend many weeks together or, in the case of some species, many months, and are released together at carefully selected foster volunteer sites that have all the natural features necessary for their survival.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources regulations now demand that each animal be separated from its group and released back to within one kilometer from where it came.

OCWC will not be party to what we know are inhumane and irresponsible release regulations. Separating animals that have bonded as a unit and taking a single terrified animal back to almost-always inappropriate sites where they are not wanted and where there is no interim care, means animals will have no chance of survival.

If the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre is to remain open to help wildlife, this regulation must be changed.

Please protect our wildlife and ensure the future of OCWC and other rehab centres in Ontario by reading and signing the Petition.

WE, the undersigned, are deeply concerned that the release restrictions imposed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources will eliminate the provision of responsible wildlife services in our community.

WE, petition the Government of Ontario to work with wildlife rehabilitators to ensure that progressive, humane and responsible regulations with respect to release criteria for rehabilitated orphaned wildlife are put in place in Ontario.

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