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1. Make Puppy Mills Illegal.

There are over 10,000 puppy mills in the Nation today, with only a Few laws to help with the conditions. Those Laws aren't enough to stop the inhumane and cruel treatment these animals endure. I want your help and support to put a stop to Puppy Mills all together.
I have a 3 month old Beagle and I would never want him to end up in conditions like these puppies go thru.
"Puppy Mills" put profit over the well-being and health of the dogs in their care. Many of the puppies from these harsh mills are sold to puppy stores or puppy brokers with sickness or hidden dieseases that later come out when they get a bit older. These illnesses kill them or cause them even more pain. This is no way to treat animals. If you have ever been a dog owner; you know the love these animals give to you.

They are put in cages with wire flooring that hurt their paws. The cages are Only required to be 6 inches bigger then the dog in all direction, giving the dog no room to stretch, this gives the dog hardly any room to even turn around. Most of these dogs spend their whole lives in these cages with minimum food, sunlight, water and medical care. Female dogs are often forced to reproduce as mush as possible with very little to no recovery time inbetween. Once the females can no longer reproduce they are often killed.
The laws passed to help the conditions only make the facilties with 3 or more female breeding dogs to be licensed and inspected, Which means there are many mills with 2 Breeders unlicensed or un-inspected. The laws Make the Mills Abid by the USDA ( United states Department of Agriculture) requirements; which are still very minimum. 21 states have no laws on the books regulating these commercial breeders. These requirements still allow cages to be stacked on top of each other, and many are the minimum size required.
Now it is time to put an end to all of this inhumane, cruel treatment.

2. Save The Pups! Stop non licensed sales of puppies and dogs on facebook!

Since yard sale pages have started spreading on facebook, there has been more and more people breeding dogs to sell them on facebook pages to make profit. Most of these dogs end up abandoned. The humane societys, dog rescues and shelters are at an all time high and they are running out of space and funds, forcing them to euthanize unadopted dogs that deserve a chance at life.
It seems that today everyone is rushing to buy these "pure bred" pups on these pages for hundreds of dollars from people that doesn't even obtain a license to do so.
If we could stop facebook from allowing people to breed and sell without proof of a licence, or even stop selling dogs on facebook at all, It should increase the amount of adoptions and greatly decrease the amount of dogs being euthanized everyday.
I'm asking you to do your part, sign this petition to save lives!
I have also started a GoFundMe account, hoping to open up a new dog rescue in the Tri County area, If enough funds are not raised to do so, all donations will be equally divided and donated to the humanes society , shelters, and rescues of the Tri County area.

Can't donate? Its ok! Just the support of signing the petition and/or Shareing would make a great difference!

3. Make the government pay for everyone to have a puppy

We all need a puppy.

4. Planning Permission for a Canine Rehabilitation, Behaviour and Training Centre in Norwich

Having been a professional in the area for the last 20 years, I have tried 3 times to set up a Dog Training Centre in industrial units with non-slippery rubber surface and management facilities to help finally settle my dog behaviour counselling and training business - give it premises -, but I got rejected.

When I realised that I would not get a planning permission for any industrial unit in the city, I purchased a land close to the A47 bypass, on Intwood Road, Cringleford - a woodlands and meadow area -, with the purpose of building a Centre for puppy / dog socialisation and training.

Currently I am applying for the Change of Use and to put a Pre Fabricated Building on the site.

The Building would be placed as a continuation of the access track, and would only take up about half an acre out of the 5 acre Meadow and Woodland area that belongs to me. So no wildlife - birds, rabbits, squirrels - will be affected, once all the services will be provided indoors.

5. The BUSTER'S MINUTE Promise

Every once in awhile, a story comes along that is meant to be told. The love that Buster and Yashar represent so beautifully, through their pictures, videos and Yashar's courageous voice, what we all share with our best friends.

Buster and Yashar were much more than best friends. They had rescued each other many times in their 7 years together, and then, Buster’s life was cut short by the villain, cancer. As Yashar takes the walk he used to share with Buster, a clear thought formed, “I have to spread mine and Buster’s message, to treasure each day and find time to make more memories, because, on a day much too soon, everyone that shares their life with a dog, will have to take that lonely walk.” He records and shares his message with The American Bulldog Facebook Group, a group of friends who loved Buster and were grieving his loss.

Friend, after friend heard Yashar’s recording, and were inspired by their message of love shared through time spent together. From this group an idea was born, Buster’s Minute..

HOW DOES BUSTER'S MINUTE WORK? It is as simple as making a commitment to your loved one and honoring it. Yes, you have to say it out loud. "I promise to give you 1 more minute of quality time, every day of your life, in Buster's honor". Then you do it! That promise can be kept in a million different ways.

Can just 1 minute really matter? In just 1 year, a minute a day will add over 6 hours of time with your loved one.What an amazing gift for us all to enjoy.

The “Buster's Minute Promise Petition" is a tally to follow how many have made the promise, and how many dogs and their humans lives are changed from Buster and Yashar’s message!

A Buster’s Minute page is coming soon, where you will be able to view people and pups from all over the world, sharing their Buster’s minute. You can even share your very own, Buster’s Minute with see you and your best friend, either by video or still picture!

Are you ready? Now it is your turn! Will you give your best friend 1 more minute a day?

Just follow the pictography below to become a proud member of The Buster’s Minute Movement... and don’t forget to sign the petition!

The BUSTER'S MINUTE Movement begins!

6. Stop allowing pages for selling animals

I often see on sites such as facebook... people selling animals that they don't even know how too look after properly. Selling guinea pigs and other social animals in singles when they are a social animal and can get lonely! Selling them to people that will just keep them in a tiny hutch and not have proper space to show natural behavior. Selling kittens and puppies to people that will just sell them on a month later. Many animals are used as food or bait for dog fighting.

Selling animals needs to stop.

7. Review UK Justice after Man cuts off his puppy's ear after fight with girlfriend

Shamrez Ali Wasim, 27, used a knife or scissors to attack the three-week-old Staffordshire bull-terrier cross in Newsome. The animal was left “screaming” in agony as its right ear hung by a thread.

8. Get Mooch Back

We need a mooch back with his loving family - it's not right these people have Mooch, HE MUST BE RETURNED.

9. Support BreedeValley SPCA

The BreedeValley SPCA is facing a major crisis. The National SPCA wants them to close their doors on the 10th of May 2013 already. Gerda Du Toit has launched a petition to stop this from happening.

The second request is to help the SPCA lower their debt. If you could find it in your heart to spare some money to help them, their bank details are:

Breedevallei DBV;. FNB, Takkode 200407; Rek 54330149913

If you know of a company (or own a company) who can perhaps sponsor a bit more, I'm sure the SPCA would be eternally greatful as will all the animals they help.

Once the Breedevallei SPCA closes its doors and there is no one to take care of all those animals and we finally realise what all they did, I don't want to be one of those people who says: "I wish someone had done something" when I can be one of those people now.

10. Ban the sale of puppy mill puppies in Connecticut

While there is no legal definition for a puppy mill, it is best defined as a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation that places profit over the well-being of its dogs—who are often severely neglected—and acts without regard to responsible breeding practices.

There is estimated to be about 15,000 puppy mills nationwide, with hundreds of dogs that are forced to reproduce until they are unable to do so anymore. At this point, they either die from sickness, are killed, or abandoned.

The conditions in which these dogs live is unsanitary and detrimental to their well-being, with a wide variety of effects, including physical, emotional, and social problems. Due to lack of veterinary care, diseases and genetic disorders/deformities go on unnoticed, and are passed on from litter to litter.Almost all pet store animals come from puppy mills. At time of purchase, consumers are given incorrect lineage about the dog’s health, breed, and breeder. Every year, retail pet stores across America sell 500,000 dogs, while 5 to 7 million dogs enter shelters.

House bill no. 5027 targets the issue of puppy mills, aiming to ban the sale of both dogs and cats from pet stores in Connecticut that are obtained from these substandard animal mills.

11. Give More Attention To T.U.F.F. Puppy

In lieu of Recent news with regard to the postponement of the premieres of the new episodes of T.U.F.F. Puppy, we have decided to appeal to you, the production team of Nickelodeon Studios Inc. to give ear to our appeals and our pleas with regards to the said show.

1. The recent announcement of the postponement of the premiering of the episodes "Dog House" and "Time Waits for No Mutt" has sparked tension within the fan-base of this show. Though we may not be fully knowledgable about what may have caused such action to have been taken, we wish to express and convey our concern regarding this matter. The said show has experienced a very slow release of episodes during these past months; this also has happened in the past year during the summer. In good faith, we appeal for a more rapid and consistent release of episodes.

2. The show in question has been reputed as a hometowned show by many of its critics. Contrary to these erroneous claims, It has also been proven that the said show has done magnificently in an international standard and in other foreign sectors of Nickelodeon Inc. Ratings, based on independent sources in Nick Asia, with regard to the show, have been doing exceptionally well and has been patronized by many viewers.

3. Reasonable doubt has been cast in regard to such claims of the show having very dismal standings. Contradictory to claims of abysmal ratings during its early days. You, yourselves, have claimed early success to the show citing it has risen rapidly to "#2 in the network" in a brief time. According to some sources T.U.F.F. Puppy, in the last couple Saturdays of October in 2010 was among the top-rated animated shows. The reason for this was its time-slot, then it was 10 AM Eastern Time. No network can expect high ratings if a show is aired only in the early mourning, so here we beg of you to give T.U.F.F. Puppy a more accessible time-slot for its viewers.

12. Free The Puppy Mill Moms

Breeding dogs in puppy mills throughout this country suffer unimaginable pain, filth and starvation each day. Regulated by the USDA, these animals are left to suffer at the hands of inhumane people.

Many of the females are bred to death. They do not receive veterinary care. They suffer with infections, broken bones, missing eyes, and if they bark too much a metal rod is forced down their throat to sever the vocal cords!

13. Join With the AKC to Protect Responsible Small Breeders

Join with the American Kennel Club to express your concerns about the harsh and unintended consequences that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s proposed regulations (RIN 0579-AD57) to redefine “retail pet store” would have on responsible small and hobby breeders.

Under the proposed regulations, breeders - who maintain more than four “breeding females” and who sell even one puppy sight unseen, by any means (including online, by mail or by telephone), would now be regulated as commercial breeders by the USDA. The effect of these proposed regulations would be to take away the public’s opportunity to obtain puppies from some of our nation’s top breeders who in many cases, have dedicated their lives to breeding for health, breed type and temperament.

Under current law, the federal Animal Welfare Act exempts from federal oversight “retail pet stores,” which sell puppies directly to a final customer for use as pets. This exemption means that most non-commercial small or hobby breeders do not have to be licensed and regulated by the USDA. The proposed rule rescinds the exempt “retail pet store” status of anyone selling pets at retail to buyers who do not physically enter the breeder’s facilities in order to personally observe the animals available for sale.

The rule also requires anyone who owns more than four “breeding females” and sells puppies, cats or other small/exotic pets “sight unseen,” by any means, to be licensed, regulated and inspected as a USDA commercial breeder.

The AKC shares the USDA’s concern about substandard Internet puppy sellers that operate outside the current regulations. However, the unintended consequences of this proposed rule create unreasonable hardships on small hobby breeders. This rule could threaten the future of a vast number of small responsible dog breeders and the very existence of some rare breeds in the United States.

The rule creates an unfair burden on small breeders who may depend on the ability to place dogs very selectively in known situations without physically meeting with the purchaser at the specific time of sale. Likewise, many hobbyists are comfortable purchasing an animal sight-unseen based on known pedigrees, bloodlines, previous relationships or personal knowledge of each other’s facilities and programs. Such scenarios are particularly common and necessary for breeders and fanciers of rare breeds. The proposed rule does not make allowances if the purchaser is willing to sign a waiver of an in-person sale requirement.

It is unreasonable to expect small breeders, who may keep a handful of intact females in their homes, to be able to meet exacting USDA commercial kennel engineering standards that were never intended for home environments. Other pre-existing restrictions such as local ordinances, insurance or licensing may also prevent hobbyists from adapting their facilities.

14. Against Breed Specific Legislation in the U.S.

BSL is a problem for the US in that it only creates more problems for citizens than it fixes them. States that enact these laws cause criminals only to switch breeds or go even more undetected.

Other solutions exist to lower the rates of fatal attacks that include regulating dog owners, educate the public on how to act around, treat, and raise these animals, and enforce more local awareness and care for owners off of their property with their dogs.

15. No more animals in pet stores. Bannir la vente des animaux en animalerie

Please sign below to put an end to the sale of cats and dogs in Greater Montreal area pet stores. Toronto just passed a law to the same end. Over 500 dogs were recently seized from one puppy mill in Clarendon, QC where they suffered under extreme inhumane conditions.

The time has come for Quebec to address the problem of rampant inhumane animal mills and pet overpopulation. Pet stores are the mills' number one customer. STOP them from sponsoring horribly cruel practices!

Svp signez en bas pour bannir la vente d'animaux en animalerie. A Toronto c'est maintenant la loi. Plus de 500 chiens ont été sauvés d'une seule usine à chiots à Clarendon, Qc, où ils vivaient dans des conditions déplorables.

Il est temps que le Québec s'intéresse au problème de nombreuses usines à chiots et chatons malsaines et cruelles. L'acheteur principal de ces animaux est l'animalerie et la surpopulation de chats et de chiens en est le résultat. ARRÊTONS cette horrible pratique!!

16. File Charges against Matthew Weatherspoon for stabbing his puppy in the face 5 times

Matthew Davonn Weatherspoon, 18, has been arrested for stabbing his 5-month-old bulldog puppy, Diamond, in the face 5 times because she nipped him.

He then threw her out on the street where she was found and brought to VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital where the staff says its one of the saddest cases they've ever seen.

The Denver District Attorney's Office is in the process of deciding whether to file charges against Weatherspoon.

17. Puppy for the Popkens

A puppy would do wonders for the Popkens.

The only thing standing in its way is a name of BillPop.
Let's take him down one signature at a time.

18. Make Puppy Mills Illegal In Canada

Puppy mills are technically not illegal yet. The cruel harsh environments they live in should not be tolerated. We as the people should stand up and eliminate this problem.

In my opinion a puppy mill would be hell on earth. Unclean environment, barely any veterinary care, and a crowded living environment... this isn't right.

Puppy Mills are cruel and need to be stopped.

19. Improving Conditions in Puppy Mills

In puppy mills dogs are crammed into small cages where they cannot stand up and do not receive the needed exercise. The dogs sleep in there own urine and contract illnesses from the hazardous cages. The cages are stacked on top of each other. The dogs do not receive proper veterinary care and their injuries cause deformities and sometimes death. There immune systems and bones are weak and this makes it easier for them to get sick. They are neglected and the only time the miller visits is to take away puppies, kill dogs that cannot produce anymore, or throw away dead animals. Female dogs produce litter after littler until they are not able to anymore. They care for their young until the miller comes and takes the puppies away. These are horrible conditions that are completely inhumane.

20. Save Our Species

The attorney general, Micheal Bryant, banned pitbulls without seeking any advice or opinions from the Ontario Vet College, the Canadian Kennel Association, the S.P.C.A., no one.

Every single group tried to contact him to advise him against a breed specific ban. He, (who is supposed to be speaking 'for' the people) never even showed the courtesy of replying. The problem is NOT the breed, it's bad owners. I have owned 4 over the years, and they are wonderful, loving, GENTLE companions, not to mention very smart. It is a shame that we, as humans, ruined them by purposely breeding them for aggressive qualities, then rather than trying to fix what WE did to them, we just eradicate them.

Isn't it a little hyprocitic of us to 'save the whales' or whatever, but it's okay to kill these beautiful, proud animals without even bothering to try to rectify what we've done to them?

I agree that some have been trained or abused to the point where they are too far gone and have to be euthanized, but surely the young ones (if there are any left) are perfectly able to be totally suitable pets, provided they are socialized properly.

21. Stop Puppy Mills!

At Puppy mills they "breed" dogs or so they call it, it's cold heartless torture. Animals go through hell there, they get diseases and most end up dieing.

They later ship those poor harmless creatures to pet shops using a truck. By buying animals from pet shops you help these cruel people so please lets try and stop them!

22. Stop the Cruelty of Animal Mills

Have you ever wondered where the dogs you see in your local Pet Store come from? Most of them are from Animal Mills.

Dogs that live in Animal Mills are often kept in cages not able to walk, not well nourished, and female puppies are kept to spend the rest of their lives breeding more puppies.

Organizations such as, the Humane Society and other Rescue Shelters are working to stop Puppy Mills and save these poor animals.

23. Punish Puppy Killers Properly


I have found out today that a 15 month rottweiler/pitbull puppy was killed by his owner with a hammer. The owner lives in the West End neighborhood of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

The young dog bit the owner, who lost his temper and killed the dog. The owner was caught and prosecuted, and as a result must pay a $1,000 fine as punishment. Personally, I find this totally outrageous; think about it: he may as well have paid a fee to torture his puppy to death with a hammer. Fines will never be fit punishment for an animal abuser.

I am trying to make people aware that the cruelty law in Canada is insufficient, and must be changed. I want to write the Government of Canada to tell them to change the law to give it more teeth, and require fit punishments for animal abuse.

I would like justice for this dog: please change the animal cruelty laws in Canada to demand mandatory jail time for offenders.

24. Free Dexter!

I and my partner have recently spent 6 months in Amsterdam, Holland .

Whilst over there we had the fortune to find the most perfect Jack Russell. Knowing that we had to come back to the UK in 6months time we fully researched how bring him back would work.

The pet’s scheme run by DEFRA explained what he would need.

We then complied with the rules - micro chipped, de flea and wormed. He was also vaccinated against rabies whilst over in Amsterdam which, has one of the lowest cases of Rabies in Europe, in the world! It was in fact one of the first countries to be added to the DEFRA pet passport scheme.

Upon calling the quarantine facility to arrange the stay of our dog we where informed that it didn't matter that he had already spent two months prior to touch down in the United Kingdom with the rabies vaccination in his system. The vaccination he had is the same as he would have in the United Kingdom . But he still had to have a vaccination once he got to the quarantine facilities in the UK .

We would like to know why this is as we have tried and failed to get any answer other than the rhetoric of ‘it’s the law’ as to why our dog has to now have the rabies vaccination in his system for eight months, not six (which has already been proven to be far longer than it takes for the rabies to show itself once vaccination has occurred). Please refer to the DEFRA website for the studies regarding this.

The simple fact that once he’s in quarantine he does not receive a blood test that it is just down to the kennel operatives to notice any difference in his behavioral pattern means that this prolonged stay in quarantine cannot be justified. As clever as he is, he’s still only a canine and he is completely unable to hide any of the signs of rabies, if he would of contracted it before going into quarantine he would still be showing signs of it now.

None of it makes any sense. Indeed the large numbers of civil servants we have spoken to regarding this have agreed that it makes no sense.

Why should we have to continue the heart ache of being separated from him?

If Britain is country of animal lovers, how can its government elected by us the people continue to enforce quarantine laws which have no scientific, national security or health benefit to any of us, yourself included?

25. Blame the deed not the breed!

I use to hate Pits and was for BSL. Until me and my mother happend to drive by brookshires and see a guy selling puppies for $150.

So I told my mom I wanted a puppy but she said they are Pits and she knew how I felt about them. I figured if I raise one then maybe I would not be so scared. So I got this little puppy and I named him Oreo. I love him with all my heart and the first person to try and get my dog from me will have to kill me first. They are the sweetest and most kindest dogs that you will meet. Its just on how they are raised.

Blame The Deed Not The Breed!

26. Stop rottweilers being added to dangerous dog list now

Rottweilers are possibly going to be added to the dangerous dog list, due to recent 'circumstances' following situations between rottweilers and humans.

Currently being advertised in national newspapers, we believe that this is due to bad training and other causes not due to the breed as such, and therefore I think this is cruel for the thousands of well behaved over soppy rottweilers that already exist and the many more yet to exist.

I feel the dogs as a breed are being victamised, when i was 5 not doing anything wrong I got viciously attacked by a westie/scottie not sure which it was white thats all I remember and it scarred my face for life!

I'm simply trying to say that any dog can bite/attack, but think all dogs should have to go to training from say 12 weeks for a minimum of 6 weeks, and ideally all owners should have to apply for some sort of ownership, by doing several checks (home checks-vet checks, checks after puppy training etc etc etc.) i then think this ownership should cost say £200 which could go to rescues and such like and yearly say £25-cheap enough people wont just dump them etc, plus there should be fines if you fail any criteria etc.

If they could put a rottweiler on soon gsd's dobermans etc would follow-and why? because of a handful of cases being sold to the papers all in 1 go making the breed look bad!

Please visit to discuss the whole deed not breed issue we are all being faced with in the UK

27. Clemency For Stray Dogs and Cats

July 31, 2006

It is hereby requested for the immediate consideration of the future of stray dogs and cats.

With stray dogs and cats' complete concern and welfare considered it is hereby requested for the state of Missouri to mandate for ALL person(s) to be required to be responsible for their pet(s). This to be accomplished by the following:

(1) To list on yearly personal property in each county the total number of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens. For each dog, puppy, cat, kitten spayed/neutered, personal property tax WILL BE EXEMPT. Each dog, puppy, cat, kitten NOT spayed/neutered will be assessed personal property tax of 5 per cent of total personal property.

NOTE: This tax will be placed in a special fund to be used by city pounds/county shelters/humane societies to spay/neuter their strays.

END RESULT - Future strays will not be born to end up alongside country roads to die or to breed with other strays. City Pounds, shelters/humane societies will not be overrun with these unwanted strays.

28. Improved Knowledge About Puppy Mills

We are two teenage girls in our senior year of highschool. We had to choose a topic that was very important to us, so we searched up animals.

We chose the topic, Puppy Mills. We had never heard of Puppy Mills before and after reading a couple of articles we became very sickened. That is why we want as much people to know about Puppy Mills as we possibly can.

29. Ban the Selling of Pet Shop Puppies

We are most concerned at the increase of puppies and dogs being sold throughout Petshops in New Zealand. The numbers are increasing dramatically and some Breeders in NZ appear to be breeding for the Pet Shop Market and puppies being sold for huge amounts of money.

Not enough information is being given out re the Breeds of dogs, the sizes they grow to, the care they need, a suitable environment or contact with people in the same Breeds.

Many of these dogs once grown are being dumped into Rescue organisations or left to wander the streets until impounded. There are many horror stories and we are becoming aware of more.

We are also concerned about health issues with the puppies, after hearing of many cases with puppies being sold with fatal viruses or congenital diseases, usually unbeknown to the purchaser.

A Pet shop is not a suitable environment to sell a puppy from. There is not enough people contact, no training can be given and one of our worst concerns is what happens to the puppies who are not sold after 3 months of age?

We feel there are enough unwanted puppies and dogs in New Zealand, without Pet Shops adding to the problem by encouraging backyard breeders and puppy farmers to mate their bitch with the dog down the road, to produce some puppies to sell to the local petshop. These puppies are then sold on with no background checks on the new owners, no property inspections and no investigation into the suitability of the new owner for the breed.

We find it hard to understand why any dog breeder would place their puppies into Petshops to onsell and the only reason has to be monetary....

MAF has guidelines on the Selling of Companion Animals but we are aware that these are not being adhered to in alot of cases and are very hard for MAF and the SPCA to police.

This petition gives you a chance to express your feelings on the subject of puppies/dogs being sold through Petshops.

30. Abolish "Puppy Mills"

I feel puppy mills are an insult to dogs in general! Not only are they not quality breeders, they produce dogs with serious health problems.

Therefore, with no puppy mills, pounds would be less crowded!