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Have you ever wondered where the dogs you see in your local Pet Store come from? Most of them are from Animal Mills.

Dogs that live in Animal Mills are often kept in cages not able to walk, not well nourished, and female puppies are kept to spend the rest of their lives breeding more puppies.

Organizations such as, the Humane Society and other Rescue Shelters are working to stop Puppy Mills and save these poor animals.

Animal Cruelty is against the law, yet Puppy Mills are running on everyday with only one thing in breeder’s minds …profit.

Stand together today to stop this monstrosity. You can help by STOP getting your pets from Pet Stores, instead head to a shelter.

Sign to support rescue shelters so they can keep doing what they love. Last but not least, find a good vet and get your dog neutered, it will save another dog’s life.

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