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Everyone who cares about the rights animals should have

I and my partner have recently spent 6 months in Amsterdam, Holland .

Whilst over there we had the fortune to find the most perfect Jack Russell. Knowing that we had to come back to the UK in 6months time we fully researched how bring him back would work.

The pet’s scheme run by DEFRA explained what he would need.

We then complied with the rules - micro chipped, de flea and wormed. He was also vaccinated against rabies whilst over in Amsterdam which, has one of the lowest cases of Rabies in Europe, in the world! It was in fact one of the first countries to be added to the DEFRA pet passport scheme.

Upon calling the quarantine facility to arrange the stay of our dog we where informed that it didn't matter that he had already spent two months prior to touch down in the United Kingdom with the rabies vaccination in his system. The vaccination he had is the same as he would have in the United Kingdom . But he still had to have a vaccination once he got to the quarantine facilities in the UK .

We would like to know why this is as we have tried and failed to get any answer other than the rhetoric of ‘it’s the law’ as to why our dog has to now have the rabies vaccination in his system for eight months, not six (which has already been proven to be far longer than it takes for the rabies to show itself once vaccination has occurred). Please refer to the DEFRA website for the studies regarding this.

The simple fact that once he’s in quarantine he does not receive a blood test that it is just down to the kennel operatives to notice any difference in his behavioral pattern means that this prolonged stay in quarantine cannot be justified. As clever as he is, he’s still only a canine and he is completely unable to hide any of the signs of rabies, if he would of contracted it before going into quarantine he would still be showing signs of it now.

None of it makes any sense. Indeed the large numbers of civil servants we have spoken to regarding this have agreed that it makes no sense.

Why should we have to continue the heart ache of being separated from him?

If Britain is country of animal lovers, how can its government elected by us the people continue to enforce quarantine laws which have no scientific, national security or health benefit to any of us, yourself included?

We, the undersigned, call upon the government to set Dexter free 6 months after the date he first had a rabies vaccination in Holland.

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