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Canadian Animal Cruelty Laws


I have found out today that a 15 month rottweiler/pitbull puppy was killed by his owner with a hammer. The owner lives in the West End neighborhood of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

The young dog bit the owner, who lost his temper and killed the dog. The owner was caught and prosecuted, and as a result must pay a $1,000 fine as punishment. Personally, I find this totally outrageous; think about it: he may as well have paid a fee to torture his puppy to death with a hammer. Fines will never be fit punishment for an animal abuser.

I am trying to make people aware that the cruelty law in Canada is insufficient, and must be changed. I want to write the Government of Canada to tell them to change the law to give it more teeth, and require fit punishments for animal abuse.

I would like justice for this dog: please change the animal cruelty laws in Canada to demand mandatory jail time for offenders.

We, the undersigned, call upon Canada to bring severe criminal punishments to abusers of animals, instead of mere fines or brief house arrest.

Too often those who abuse animals receive a mere 'slap-on-the-wrist', without suffering any real punishment.

We also regard animals as deserving of protection, instead of merely being resources to be consumed as one would consume a lump of coal.

Please bring an end to the abuse of animals in Canada with stronger animal cruelty laws.

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