#Animal Rights
National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
New Zealand

We are most concerned at the increase of puppies and dogs being sold throughout Petshops in New Zealand. The numbers are increasing dramatically and some Breeders in NZ appear to be breeding for the Pet Shop Market and puppies being sold for huge amounts of money.

Not enough information is being given out re the Breeds of dogs, the sizes they grow to, the care they need, a suitable environment or contact with people in the same Breeds.

Many of these dogs once grown are being dumped into Rescue organisations or left to wander the streets until impounded. There are many horror stories and we are becoming aware of more.

We are also concerned about health issues with the puppies, after hearing of many cases with puppies being sold with fatal viruses or congenital diseases, usually unbeknown to the purchaser.

A Pet shop is not a suitable environment to sell a puppy from. There is not enough people contact, no training can be given and one of our worst concerns is what happens to the puppies who are not sold after 3 months of age?

We feel there are enough unwanted puppies and dogs in New Zealand, without Pet Shops adding to the problem by encouraging backyard breeders and puppy farmers to mate their bitch with the dog down the road, to produce some puppies to sell to the local petshop. These puppies are then sold on with no background checks on the new owners, no property inspections and no investigation into the suitability of the new owner for the breed.

We find it hard to understand why any dog breeder would place their puppies into Petshops to onsell and the only reason has to be monetary....

MAF has guidelines on the Selling of Companion Animals but we are aware that these are not being adhered to in alot of cases and are very hard for MAF and the SPCA to police.

This petition gives you a chance to express your feelings on the subject of puppies/dogs being sold through Petshops.

We, the undersigned, would like to see the banning of the sale of pet shop puppies in New Zealand.

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