#Animal Rights
UK government authorities

Rottweilers are possibly going to be added to the dangerous dog list, due to recent 'circumstances' following situations between rottweilers and humans.

Currently being advertised in national newspapers, we believe that this is due to bad training and other causes not due to the breed as such, and therefore I think this is cruel for the thousands of well behaved over soppy rottweilers that already exist and the many more yet to exist.

I feel the dogs as a breed are being victamised, when i was 5 not doing anything wrong I got viciously attacked by a westie/scottie not sure which it was white thats all I remember and it scarred my face for life!

I'm simply trying to say that any dog can bite/attack, but think all dogs should have to go to training from say 12 weeks for a minimum of 6 weeks, and ideally all owners should have to apply for some sort of ownership, by doing several checks (home checks-vet checks, checks after puppy training etc etc etc.) i then think this ownership should cost say £200 which could go to rescues and such like and yearly say £25-cheap enough people wont just dump them etc, plus there should be fines if you fail any criteria etc.

If they could put a rottweiler on soon gsd's dobermans etc would follow-and why? because of a handful of cases being sold to the papers all in 1 go making the breed look bad!

Please visit http://www.animalloversunite.co.uk to discuss the whole deed not breed issue we are all being faced with in the UK

We, the undersigned, call on the government to NOT allow rottweilers to be added to the dangerous dog list.
but to enforce training and checks on owners. They are a complicated breed but under right ownership flourish into warm soppy loving rotties.

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