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1. Action Against Human Rights Violations in North Dakota

The DAPL Pipeline has been allowed to trample the human rights of Native Americans in North Dakota for almost an entire year.

The corporation in the name of greed has enlisted the State of North Dakota, it's Law Enforcement and National Guard to assault innocent peaceful and playful protesters trying to protect their land that was unlawfully seized. Hundreds of Elderly, Women and Children have been seriously hurt by a militarized police force.



With the huge election victory of Donald Trump, the peace loving liberals have come out to show the rest of the world their true colors; and those colors are not red, white and blue.

No, instead the so-called “peace-loving” and “tolerant” have shown everyone just who they are through rioting, vandalism, acts of violence and crying out unjustifiably against our new president. These so-called “intellectuals” are paid by the likes of George Soros and various other anti-American institutions many of which George Soros is funding with many, if not all, liberal political figures, leftist celebrities and the corporate criminal class. These socialists/communists claim to be about liberty for all, justice and peace. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Colleges across the United States have continuously brainwashed the Snowflake generation with anti-American communistic ideology for many years now. We see the evidence and depth of this brainwashing every time these soft sensitive whiners do not get their way. (Or don't get a trophy for simply being alive.)

Donald Trump was right. The election was rigged. However, with the rural white working-class vote showing up so strongly, evening the liberal dead voters, the illegal Mexican vote, nor the African-American multiple-votes-per-person vote could overcome the onslaught.

They are claiming the Electoral College is antiquated, based on racism, and used to keep whites in places of power. The leftist media (you know, the same media that lied continuously to the American public about Clinton's 86% chance of winning the white house?) have continued to foster the falsehood against the electoral college as well. These are the same people who would do away with the Constitution, and our other Charters of Freedom. Though the first amendment continues to be abused by the leftist media, they would revoke the second amendment at the least. Once this was done the rest of the Constitution is easily condemned. Additionally, to revoke the electoral college would remove the voice and vote of rural America.

The question is, do we now rest on the election results (which Trump not only won by electoral vote, but also by the popular vote-look it up) and wait without fight for the socialist and communists to wage a war on yet another part of American political tradition, or do we stand up once more-just like we did in the election-and say, “Hell no!”

If you love America, and want to protect our Charters of Freedom, and keep America, American, then sign this petition to preserve the Electoral College.

3. Stop the "Occupy Montreal" protests

This supposed 1% got rich because they tried hard.
The Occupy Montreal protests are wasting space and protesting nothing but the fact that the protesters aren't trying to become rich.

They are just taking up our parks and city for no reason.

4. The Revolution in Yemen

The Egyptian and the Tunisian revolutions have given an insight and a motivation for the young Yemeni people to find their way to overthrow the regime that managed to isolate its population from the rest of the world leaving the country behind with sever developmental challenges.

The Yemeni sluggish economy is still drowning in its debts under the justification of the war on terror. Huge loans were misused for the favor of a corrupt government ignoring the country's low level of human development.

For more than ninty days, a combination of young, old, educated and illiterate Yemenis from all over the country have been protesting to bring down the dictatorship ruled by President Saleh, the first and the only president of the Republic of Yemen. Saleh argues that the unified Republic is his own accomplishment and replacing him is certain risk to this unification.

Throughout his speeches, Saleh has been trying to increase the hatred among the Yemeni population to serve his own interest and to gain longer time to drain the determination of the protesters. He has manipulated few to demonstrate for him by paying them from unknown questionable sources.

5. Save BayWalk, Vacate the Sidewalk

BayWalk in Downtown St Petersburg Florida was considered the hub of the revitalization of the city. It brought in shops, restaurants, and events that would bring in thousands of patrons a day. And all of this is now gone. In its place is a nearly empty plaza that is begging for its survival. The cause of its demise falls into two categories, the first is public safety and the second is public enjoyment. The plaza became the site of protesters during the day and a hot spot for loitering teenagers at night. This two prong attack created an atmosphere that made the Plaza a less than enjoyable place to visit.

During the day, you would have to walk through protesters to get into the stores or the theater. These protesters ranged from the polite informer to the violent instigator. The instigators would grab people, spit on them and then scream at them. These activities are a turn off to patrons to the Plaza causing many of them to never return.

At night, their greatest threat occurs. Groups of people, usually teenagers, would congregate on the sidewalks and start acting up. Some would horseplay and bump into people walking by, others would victimize people they didn’t like and then some would start situations out of boredom. The police are powerless to stop them since they are on a public right of way and are not committing any crimes at the time. And when they do commit a crime, it is now too late to act.

BayWalk has suggested letting the Security Department deal with these groups, however it would require that the city vacate the sidewalk to their property. It is this proposal that has caught flak by the protest groups as being a violation to their right to free speech. This claim is false, and is primarily a smokescreen for them to protect the most important tool they have to make the news. That tool is harassment.

Claim: The vacation would take away the protesters right to free speech.
Fact: The protesters are being asked to move across the street to protest so as to not block the walkway and sidewalk for pedestrian traffic. This means that they can still be seen and heard, they just can’t be close enough to touch.

Claim: The city would create a precedent to prevent groups from protesting.
Fact: The precedent has already been set by three other annexations in the city as well as the fact that New York City has been annexing sidewalks for over 6 years successfully.

Let’s stop believing in the smoke screen and help bring the BayWalk back to its former self, a business hub in the middle of Downtown St Petersburg. For every day we wait, the more likely they are to lose another tenant, which means people will lose their jobs. In the end, what is the point of the protesters fighting for a sidewalk when there is no one there to use it?

6. Stop the killing of protesters in Iran; bring the perpetrators to justice

We can stop the killing of Iranian protesters; we can bring the perpetrators to justice.

7. Coup d'état in Iran : Support Iran by avoiding congratulating the now false president of Iran

8. We seek support from rest of India

J & K Governor Gen, Sinha surveyed condition of pilgrims of Amarnath yatra & found that people have to relax in open tents and therefore he signed a project for constucting permanent shelters for pilgrims and alotted 100 acres (800 cannals) of land to shrine board after passing it in J & K assembly.

The Forest Minister in the Cabinet was from the PDP, a coalition partner in the government. Yet they (the PDP) refused to accept responsibility for the joint decision (of allocating forest land to set up temporary structures for facilities for Hindu pilgrims during the Amarnath Yatra) Then PDP and some Pro-pakistan parties started agitating against decision with anti nationalist slogans and ransacking public property.

The Congress sans PDP minority Govt took decision back and surrendered in front of these anti nationalist and fundamentalist forces. People of Jammu started agitating against this anti national, anti harmony decision with all groups together. Later jammu muslim comunity supported agitation through a press conference. When Omar Abdullah gave statement in parliament that his people will not give an inch of land to pilgrims or shrine board ; emotions n sentiments of jammu people ran high and one of the protesters KULDIP DOGRA commited sucide in front of 500 people.

At 3:00 am next day police took his body after beating his family, AND STARTED cremating HIS BODY BEFORE SUNRISE AT 4:00 AM WHICH IS AGAINST HINDUISUM. one of the family member used local temple loudspeaker and informed people, Anger rose high and people started beating police .Police hit back and violent agitation turned into massive rallies with more than 40,000 people. Police killed 2 protesters days after. Latest opression is that Local Cable TV as well as SMSes have been banned in Jammu.

Most sadly these people are not getting required support from national media against such dictatorship and their lonely battle is still ON.

9. Ban Idiots from tauntingly waving the US flag at US citizens whom they disagree with

Ok , maybe Ban is a strong and unconstitutional word, so how about Mock Folks who wave the US Flag at US citizens whom they disagree with.
I have seen it over and over again, where ever people gather to Protest for or against war in Iraq, many pro-war protesters wave the flag AT the anti-war Protesters.
These Morons need to be handed a copy of the Constitution - The Anti-war Protesters are behaving like AMERICANS exerting their Freedoms of Thought , Speech, and Assembly. You may publically disagree with them ,but, You need to stop moronically and insultingly waving their own flag at them. How many Iraqi's you want to kill is not the benchmark for Patriotism.
This Land Is your Land , This Land Is My Land... This Land was made for You and ME.

10. Stop violence in Canada

This is a petition to stop the entrance of violent protesters into our nation with the upcoming g-level conferences... Our police and firefighters have enough to worry about without violent protesters armed with homemade weapons and caustic acids coming to Canada.