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With the huge election victory of Donald Trump, the peace loving liberals have come out to show the rest of the world their true colors; and those colors are not red, white and blue.

No, instead the so-called “peace-loving” and “tolerant” have shown everyone just who they are through rioting, vandalism, acts of violence and crying out unjustifiably against our new president. These so-called “intellectuals” are paid by the likes of George Soros and various other anti-American institutions many of which George Soros is funding with many, if not all, liberal political figures, leftist celebrities and the corporate criminal class. These socialists/communists claim to be about liberty for all, justice and peace. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Colleges across the United States have continuously brainwashed the Snowflake generation with anti-American communistic ideology for many years now. We see the evidence and depth of this brainwashing every time these soft sensitive whiners do not get their way. (Or don't get a trophy for simply being alive.)

Donald Trump was right. The election was rigged. However, with the rural white working-class vote showing up so strongly, evening the liberal dead voters, the illegal Mexican vote, nor the African-American multiple-votes-per-person vote could overcome the onslaught.

They are claiming the Electoral College is antiquated, based on racism, and used to keep whites in places of power. The leftist media (you know, the same media that lied continuously to the American public about Clinton's 86% chance of winning the white house?) have continued to foster the falsehood against the electoral college as well. These are the same people who would do away with the Constitution, and our other Charters of Freedom. Though the first amendment continues to be abused by the leftist media, they would revoke the second amendment at the least. Once this was done the rest of the Constitution is easily condemned. Additionally, to revoke the electoral college would remove the voice and vote of rural America.

The question is, do we now rest on the election results (which Trump not only won by electoral vote, but also by the popular vote-look it up) and wait without fight for the socialist and communists to wage a war on yet another part of American political tradition, or do we stand up once more-just like we did in the election-and say, “Hell no!”

If you love America, and want to protect our Charters of Freedom, and keep America, American, then sign this petition to preserve the Electoral College.

We, the undersigned, call upon the United States government to keep the Electoral College.

The electoral college has proven to be, and is, an important measure which allows every citizen a voice in the election process.

Many are calling for the electoral college to be revoked; however, to remove the electoral college simply based on one side losing to another is not a valid reason to remove it from our election process.

Additionally, if we allow what is a small number of people to convince us to remove this valid process, what will be the next document or Charter of Freedom to be challenged?

The American people should not be allowed to change the election process simply because their candidate didn't win. That is not the American way!

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