United States of America

Ok , maybe Ban is a strong and unconstitutional word, so how about Mock Folks who wave the US Flag at US citizens whom they disagree with.
I have seen it over and over again, where ever people gather to Protest for or against war in Iraq, many pro-war protesters wave the flag AT the anti-war Protesters.
These Morons need to be handed a copy of the Constitution - The Anti-war Protesters are behaving like AMERICANS exerting their Freedoms of Thought , Speech, and Assembly. You may publically disagree with them ,but, You need to stop moronically and insultingly waving their own flag at them. How many Iraqi's you want to kill is not the benchmark for Patriotism.
This Land Is your Land , This Land Is My Land... This Land was made for You and ME.

We The Undersigned US Citizens are tired of Idiot Flag wavers obnoxiously waving our own flag at us. Disagreeing with the above mentioned idiots is not unpatriotic in the land of the FREE . Please cease and desist.

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