President Ali Abdullah Saleh

The Egyptian and the Tunisian revolutions have given an insight and a motivation for the young Yemeni people to find their way to overthrow the regime that managed to isolate its population from the rest of the world leaving the country behind with sever developmental challenges.

The Yemeni sluggish economy is still drowning in its debts under the justification of the war on terror. Huge loans were misused for the favor of a corrupt government ignoring the country's low level of human development.

For more than ninty days, a combination of young, old, educated and illiterate Yemenis from all over the country have been protesting to bring down the dictatorship ruled by President Saleh, the first and the only president of the Republic of Yemen. Saleh argues that the unified Republic is his own accomplishment and replacing him is certain risk to this unification.

Throughout his speeches, Saleh has been trying to increase the hatred among the Yemeni population to serve his own interest and to gain longer time to drain the determination of the protesters. He has manipulated few to demonstrate for him by paying them from unknown questionable sources.

We the citizens of Yemen and the people of the whole world condemn the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh for the 33 years of a dictatorship and condemn his attempts to inflame animosity among the people of his country in order to escape the penalties of his vast crimes.

We appeal the Yemeni government to resign and to comply with the protesters’ demands immediately. Those demands are not limited in one party, class or sect. Protesters have been calling for the implementation of demands which are brought forward by big portion of the Yemeni population. Moreover, we urge the international community to take immediate actions to stop the human rights violations that protesters have been living throughout the past three months.

We call on the IGOs as well as the international media to give the region more attention for transparency.

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