#Animal Rights
New Zealand Parliament and Government

This is a petition created to urge the New Zealand government to ban live animal exports.

In light of the disaster that befell 57,000 Australian sheep aboard the Cormo Express earlier this year, this trade has got to stop.

The Green Party and myself have put together this petition to present to Parliament. We want as many signatures as possible from people all over the world.

The picture that I have added with this petition was kindly supplied by People Against Cruelty in Animal Transport (PACAT).

We, the undersigned, respectfully petition for the permanent ban of exports, from New Zealand, of live animals intended for slaughter.
This is for the following reasons:
(1) It is in breach of section 10 of the Animal Welfare Act 1999, which states that the owner, and every person in charge of an animal must ensure that the physical, health, and behavioural needs of the animal are met in a manner that is in accordance with both good practice and scientific knowledge.
(2) Sheep being exported for slaughter overseas endure many weeks of suffering in crowded pens on open decks on ships, and are exposed to extremes of climate and sweltering heat, over-crowding and unfamiliar surroundings
(3) There is a high incidence of death during travel, as a result of infections from overcrowded conditions, sea sickness, the breakdown of ventilation units, and asphyxiation from breathing in ammonia fumes from urine.

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