#Animal Rights
Romanian Government

Due to the lack of law for animal protection in Romania anyone can kill an animal without being punished.

Protected by this lack, people without conscience, without pity, more without respect, with cruelty hard to be imagined, are killing animals of any kind, without a particular reason.

For many months, the slaughter of homeless dogs from Romania has brought many tears to animals lovers.

Poachers without pity killed a hundred dolphins in few days in the Black Sea.
The abuses against animals of anykind, the exploitation of wild animals at Black sea are a few exemples of atrocities from Romania, due to the lack of one law for animal protection in our country.

Who will punish the sick minds that are killing hundred of thousands street dogs, when didn't break "any law"?

With your help, we hope to convince the Romanian Parliament to adopt new protective law NOW. This petition, along with your comments, will be sent to Romanian Government, Romanian Parliament, the Presidency of Romania.

We, the undersigned, believe the Romanian Parliament must be forced to adopt NOW a new humane law for animal protection.

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