#Human Rights
Polish Parliament

This petition is to abandon Soviet citizenship law forcing foreign citizens
with Polish origin to Polish citizenship. The original law is based on the rule of Stalin forcing foreigners to the citizeship for the purpose of military service.

We ask the Polish Parliament to abandon Stalin military law regulating Polish citizeship according to the Constitution of 1921. The curent law prohibits abandoment of the citizenship
without permission of the President violating principal constitutional right of 1921 Polish republican constitution of freedom of choice after
regaining indepence in 1918.
The current and proposed law gives absolute power to the chief of the National Military to forbid abandoment of the citizeship for the reason of national defence. This law is unacceptable since only civilians may decide about their right to the citizeship. We request the change as soon as possible as the
status quo makes it immpossible to visit Poland with dual nationality status, as it accepts Stalin law of
the continuity of the citizenship including the non-abandoment implied by
the compulsory military service in Soviet occupational forces.

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