#Animal Rights
Tongan Parliament

Here is a letter sent by the whale watching operators in Tonga:

'The Humpback Whales of Tonga Need YOU.

AS YOU MAY KNOW that there is a strong possibility of Whaling starting in Tongan waters. Over the last two months there has been discussions in Parliament regarding whaling. If whaling is allowed we all will suffer with the lack of tourism. We all know that the Whale watching industry holds a very important role in bringing tourists to Tonga. Many South Pacific destinations have great diving, white sandy beaches etc, etc but what make us unique is the Humpback whales.

Whales Alive has started a petition which will reach the local, national and international supporters of whale watching and 'Stop Whaling in Tonga'. The first step is starting an email-based petition to get to people that have visited or are going to visit Tonga to see the whales. It is short and to the point but I believe it will be very effective. I am asking you to send this petition to people in your email address book to start the ball rolling.'

We, the undersigned, are against approval of whaling in Tonga.

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