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1. Save NASA Climate Research Budget

Bob Walker, a Trump senior advisor, stated that the NASA Earth Science Division will be stripped of all funding.

This would mean the elimination of Nasa’s world-renowned research into weather, temperature, ice, clouds, soil and water conditions, and other climate related phenomena. Nasa’s network of satellites provides a wealth of information on weather and climate events.

According to Kevin Trenberth, senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, ”NASA provides the scientific community with new instruments and techniques, and the elimination of Earth sciences would be “a major setback if not devastating”. “It could put us back into the ‘dark ages’ of almost the pre-satellite era,” he said.

Over the coming decades, NASA and the Agency's research partners will continue to pioneer the use of both spaceborne and aircraft measurements to characterize, understand, and predict variability and trends in Earth's weather, soil, and ocean system for both research and critically important areas ranging from farming applications to natural disaster predictions and planning.

Earth is our lifeboat in the vast expanse of space. Over the past 50 years, world population has doubled, grain yields have tripled and economic output has grown sevenfold. Earth science research can help us understand and how the Earth can sustain this growth in the future. In addition, over a 1/3 of the US economy - $3 trillion annually - is influenced by climate, weather, and natural hazards, providing economic incentive to study the Earth.

This is not a political issue. This organization does pure research about our planet. This information is used by scientists, businesses, meteorologists, fishermen, and farmers around the world.

2. A New reason for a Mission to Mars

Putting a man on Mars has been a lofty goal that we have put on the back shelf of some dusty closet. We need to pull it back out and take steps forward to accomplishing this mission.

Dr. Robert Zubrin wrote a book called "A Case for Mars", in his book he lays out a plausible plan at a reasonable cost to execute a mission to Mars. A plan that is still valid today and even more so since our technology is better and our science has improved on space exploration.

As Dr. Robert Zubrin states we need to "Give NASA a job that is worthy of a $16 billion/year space agency. Assign it the task of sending humans to Mars within a decade."-

This petition is to incite action on this specific task and motivate our Government, big and small businesses, and every other American to get behind a mission to Mars to put an American on the surface.

3. Restore Pluto as a planet and reclaim its name!

Pluto was removed as planet by NASA and the IAU in 2006.

I and several others are opposed to this. So help me bring Pluto back and restore its planetary status!

4. End Government Shutdown 2013

On October 1, 2013 at 12:01am, the United States Government partially shutdown due to the inability of each political party to come to an agreement regarding the Federal Budget.

This shutdown has caused much hardship amongst the American people, with NASA interns losing their homes, a woman being nearly abandoned while injured in Acadia National Park, and Federal workers not receiving the paychecks on which they depend until further notice, for example.

Every other sector of society has been deleteriously affected as well or will be as the effects of the Shutdown trickle down and ripple through each day.

5. Petition for the Australian government to start a space Program like NASA or the ESA

Australia is the only western developed country without a space program, If Australia had one the benefits would be overwhelming.

> Over 9000 jobs would be created.
> Our economy would grow stronger.
> Kids who always dreamt of wanting to be astronauts can be instead of becoming American citizens and joining Nasa which would cost thousands.
> We are in the perfect position here in Australia for one. Even NASA would back an Australian Space Program.

There is some Disadvantages to this but not many, as you can see a space program would add to our already booming economy and create tons of jobs.

6. Send Michael Jackson's song to the moon, NASA - Michael Jackson Moon Project

THE OFFICIAL MICHAEL JACKSON FAN CLUB BULGARIA want to send Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror" song on the moon.

It will be the same project like sending the voice of our bulgarian folklor singer Valia Balkanska.

We want Michael Jackson's voice in the cosmos!

7. Support Titusville, FL City Employees

I will be closing this petition tomorrow night after the local election.

The City of Titusville, FL is threatening employees with a 10% pay cut through furloughs and pay reduction, no pay raises, rising health costs and a reduction in 50% of their pensions. The city has paid these employees lower than average salaries for years compared to other municipalities their size in Central Florida.

These employees have been retained with a promise of decent pensions at retirement. These employees have not had pay raises in five years nor cost of living allowances, their health costs have increased and they have to pay into their own pensions. The City is willing to reduce services to the citizens of Titusville by enacting furlough days which means closing city offices for two days a month.

The city has $20M in the Water Department and over $5M in a "Rainy Day Fund" to shore up the budget but refuse to do so and want their 433 employees to shoulder the difference. Police and Fire fighters have paid 6.5% of their pay into their own pensions since 1994 and general employees pay 2.5% of their pay into their pensions.

8. Revive the Venture Star

By now you all have heard of the shuttles retirement. Retiring the shuttle, while bitter sweet, was the right thing to do. Leaving no successor though was a grave error in judgment.

While the new policies to let civilian companies design spacecraft to ferry astronauts back and forth to the international space station is a good idea, America still needs a strong Space program to lead the way. And while we support President Obama we must bring to his attention the grave mistake that is taking place with today’s space program.

In 1993 the U.S. commissioned a new low earth orbit Spacecraft to replace the aging shuttle fleet. This new spacecraft was going to, as in all new designs; make space cheaper and easier to access. The name of this new spacecraft was the Lockheed Martin Venture Star. But like all new concepts, problems with its design and a new president the program was mothballed do to budget cuts. But with today’s advances in technology I believe that those design defects can easily be corrected.

That is why I believe that the Venture star would be a viable replacement for the space shuttle. The X-33 test plane and all its associated materials are just sitting in a warehouse waiting to be revived. The Venture stare was a vision of future space flight and with your help we can once again make it a reality and put NASA back on the map as a leader in astronautics. Thank you

9. Take Thomas Fletcher to Space

Thomas Michael Fletcher, singer and guitarist of the English band called McFly, always dreamed about go to space with NASA. For a long time he tried to contact this company and watch some launches. Like his own mother, Debbie Fletcher, said "We've tried for 20 years to take him to see a shuttle launch, kept missing it. Finally got there last year but because of delay, he had to watch it from the roof of Orlando Airport while we stood at Jetty Park. Luckily his flight was delayed or he would have missed it altogether".

In some songs and videoclips of McFly you can see him talking about the space and doing something to reach this dream. We hope that this petition helps him to achieve this dream: going in a tourist trip to space. Thank you so much.

10. Get NASA to send a Q!PAW plaque to space

Q!PAW is a bi-weekly podcast about comics made by two british guys called Matt and Jon.

Ever since humanity began to walk upright, comics began to be created in crude yet effective cave drawings. People evolved the amount of colors they can use by searching far and wide for different plants that can produce different colors that will allow the crude comics to become better, and allow the viewers to distinguish between guy-with-a-spear #1 and guy-with-a-spear #2.

As time progressed those crude drawings spread as far as egypt where color was abundent (which is weird considering it's mostly sand) where the art of comics became more elaborate and more of an art form.

It continued to evolve greatly by USA companies like Marvel and DC that saw a vision, and that vision was "let's make money" - a vision which they hold to this day.

And ever since that art form was conceived there were people who were more than happy to poo-poo it.

People who couldn't draw comics so they had to trace it, and add pouches to the original work to make it crap.

Those guys are Q!PAW. And they're funny.

11. Save Cleveland's N.A.S.A.

N.A.S.A is consolidating two sites. A Texas site and an Ohio Site.

This is a petition to keep the Cleveland Ohio site.