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By now you all have heard of the shuttles retirement. Retiring the shuttle, while bitter sweet, was the right thing to do. Leaving no successor though was a grave error in judgment.

While the new policies to let civilian companies design spacecraft to ferry astronauts back and forth to the international space station is a good idea, America still needs a strong Space program to lead the way. And while we support President Obama we must bring to his attention the grave mistake that is taking place with today’s space program.

In 1993 the U.S. commissioned a new low earth orbit Spacecraft to replace the aging shuttle fleet. This new spacecraft was going to, as in all new designs; make space cheaper and easier to access. The name of this new spacecraft was the Lockheed Martin Venture Star. But like all new concepts, problems with its design and a new president the program was mothballed do to budget cuts. But with today’s advances in technology I believe that those design defects can easily be corrected.

That is why I believe that the Venture star would be a viable replacement for the space shuttle. The X-33 test plane and all its associated materials are just sitting in a warehouse waiting to be revived. The Venture stare was a vision of future space flight and with your help we can once again make it a reality and put NASA back on the map as a leader in astronautics. Thank you

We, the undersigned, want to bring attention to the fact that their needs to be a replacement for the Space Shuttle after its retirement.

While we support the government, we feel that the nation needs a strong space agency as well as a continued presence in spaceflight.

That is why we believe that the Lockheed Martin Venture Star program should be revived as a viable replacement for the shuttle.

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