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Q!PAW is a bi-weekly podcast about comics made by two british guys called Matt and Jon. http://panelologists.com/

Ever since humanity began to walk upright, comics began to be created in crude yet effective cave drawings. People evolved the amount of colors they can use by searching far and wide for different plants that can produce different colors that will allow the crude comics to become better, and allow the viewers to distinguish between guy-with-a-spear #1 and guy-with-a-spear #2.

As time progressed those crude drawings spread as far as egypt where color was abundent (which is weird considering it's mostly sand) where the art of comics became more elaborate and more of an art form.

It continued to evolve greatly by USA companies like Marvel and DC that saw a vision, and that vision was "let's make money" - a vision which they hold to this day.

And ever since that art form was conceived there were people who were more than happy to poo-poo it.

People who couldn't draw comics so they had to trace it, and add pouches to the original work to make it crap.

Those guys are Q!PAW. And they're funny.

We the undersigned call on NASA to encode in a binary form the two Best Of episodes on a plaque - just like the pioneer plaque, and send it on its way to space so aliens will be able to enjoy a comic book podcast, just for SnG.

Since the beginning of time, aliens visited earth, slowly waiting for a good comic book and a good comic book podcast.

Evidence is the Nazca Lines - a lousy attempt at creating superheroes so aliens will come visit us humans. Time went on and so did technology, and crop fields began to appear and aliens came in hoards and creating crude comic books of their own.

Technology has evolved again since then and now we can hear two guys talking whenever we want and not get sued and even have it DRM free which is why we never transmitted radio broadcasts to space - too much money buying broadcast rights, and DRM taking too much space. Now it all changed - people started to appear and produce content they know no one will pay to hear, so why not make it anyway for SnG?

I call to you NASA to step up to the plate, and help us welcome the aliens to the 21 century, in a british accented comic book podcast which will make them laugh.

As the inventor of podcasts once said "podcasts were created in the thought that one day we will be able to put them on pods and cast them to space, much the same way Superman arrived to our earth, the one matt and jon live in".

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