City of Titusville, FL
United States of America

I will be closing this petition tomorrow night after the local election.

The City of Titusville, FL is threatening employees with a 10% pay cut through furloughs and pay reduction, no pay raises, rising health costs and a reduction in 50% of their pensions. The city has paid these employees lower than average salaries for years compared to other municipalities their size in Central Florida.

These employees have been retained with a promise of decent pensions at retirement. These employees have not had pay raises in five years nor cost of living allowances, their health costs have increased and they have to pay into their own pensions. The City is willing to reduce services to the citizens of Titusville by enacting furlough days which means closing city offices for two days a month.

The city has $20M in the Water Department and over $5M in a "Rainy Day Fund" to shore up the budget but refuse to do so and want their 433 employees to shoulder the difference. Police and Fire fighters have paid 6.5% of their pay into their own pensions since 1994 and general employees pay 2.5% of their pay into their pensions.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Titusville, FL to keep promises made to your loyal employees.

We do not support pay reductions nor pension cuts to these loyal civil servants.

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