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Thomas Michael Fletcher, singer and guitarist of the English band called McFly, always dreamed about go to space with NASA. For a long time he tried to contact this company and watch some launches. Like his own mother, Debbie Fletcher, said "We've tried for 20 years to take him to see a shuttle launch, kept missing it. Finally got there last year but because of delay, he had to watch it from the roof of Orlando Airport while we stood at Jetty Park. Luckily his flight was delayed or he would have missed it altogether".

In some songs and videoclips of McFly you can see him talking about the space and doing something to reach this dream. We hope that this petition helps him to achieve this dream: going in a tourist trip to space. Thank you so much.

This petition is to help Tom Fletcher to go to space with NASA.

Please, if you wanna see him achieve this dream, leave your sign here. Thank you so much.

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