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1. Subsidy for Meningococcal (MenB) Vaccine

Meningococcal disease is a serious illness which, even when treated, kills 10 to 15 infected people out of 100. And of those who survive, about 10 to 20 out of every 100 will suffer disabilities such as hearing loss, brain damage, kidney damage, amputations, nervous system problems, or severe scars from skin grafts. Thanks to meningitis vaccines, thousands are alive today who would otherwise have died or been left seriously disabled from these deadly diseases. The addition of the MenB vaccine will save even more as it can help prevent meningococcal disease caused by serogroup B.

2. Rehearsal Space For Maltese Bands

Get started as band or local artist in Malta?

Not easy considering the work, effort and contribution invested in your musical project and considering the lack of space to rehearse.

The aim of this petition is to get 1000 votes, to present the active and creative music scene in Malta.

The petitions goal is, converting a warehouse into the Mecca for Bands.

3. Hold off construction on Spinola

The Spinola area is one of Malta's iconic places. Almost all photos albums showcasing Malta have a photo of the Spinola bay.

Residents and tourists alike frequent it all year round but residents are a small community that has been harmed by constant developments that do not seem to ever end.

While it is possible to see 12 construction cranes from the bay itself, the tiny single lane one way adjacent street (Spinola road) has 6 notices of developments (PA/04721/99, PA/01735/16, PA/02953/16, PA/03491/16, PA/03219/16 and PA/03679/15)

Recently 2 of the submitted applications propose to tear down buildings, digging an underground parking and rebuild on top. These 2 applications are 20 meters apart.

The residents already suffer a host of problems from traffic, commercial trucks blocking garages, tourist bus, etc. and a lot of jams have been generated from trucks from the Portomaso construction site at the end of the road.

Such a small area cannot handle two more sites, Let alone side by side, as it would cause ridiculous problems.

4. Malta - Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana, one of the safest substances on earth, with no recorded death in the history of mankind. Yes it has some negative impact, but only if people use it carelessly. Like anything else too much of something isn't good. Some negatives of heavy users are :

- short term memory loss
- laziness
- apathy and careless
- sleepy/drowsiness
- causes heart to speed up (which could cause heart attacks if a person suffers from serious heart issues)
- can cause one's sex drive to go down
- anxiety, panic or paranoia (of being caught)
- nicotine addiction (when using tobacco that contains nicotine to roll)
- inability to understand things as fast as normal

There are some other negative side effects for heavy users that smoke Marijuana alot. Despite all this, Marijuana cannot kill you (unless you suffer with serious heart or lung conditions, in which case the condition will kill you because of it ) as the lethal 'overdose' intake for Marijuana would need to be ~650kg in roughly 15 minutes which is humanely impossible. To give you an idea, if a person was to put 0.5g of Marijuana into a 'joint', one would need to smoke 1,300,000 joints in 15 minutes, and even than, it's not the THC that would kill you, but rather the lack of oxygen in your lungs. So much so, that a simple peanut has a higher death rate per year than Marijuana.

So what are it's actual medical benefits? Here's a list of some medical illnesses it helps to threat :

- muscles pain
- multiple sclerosis
- nerve pain
- arthritis pain
- lack of apetite
- epilepsy
- chronic pain
- headaches and migraine
- chrons disease
- halts / slows down cancer
- Parkinson
- Alzheimers
- stress
- post traumatic stress disorder
- glaucoma
- weight loss
- lupus
- nausea

Impressive isn't it? Best of all, it's naturaly grown, can be grown in any garden and can help replace actual prescription drugs and save money.

Speaking of money, let's go through some benefits of business across the Maltese islands.

Tourism is one of the biggest markets in Malta, without a doubt, I myself work with tourists and it's unbelievable how many ask me 'is weed legal here?' and they are disappointed when they find out that it's not legal. So how's this help tourism?

Let's look at Amsterdam, the weed capital of Europe. Amsterdam alone makes ~250-500 million euros a year on just weed TAX, people from all around the world flock to Amsterdam for a legal smoke and hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars charge more due to higher tourism and demands and therefore make more profit (much like San giljan or sliema). Now, malta is not the same size of Amsterdam obviously, but working with a bit of estimates.

Every year in Malta, 1 million or so tourists visit, now say 5% of said tourists smoke, and we applied the standard 18% malta tax rate and say every tourist was charged the standard street price of 20 euro per gram, that would be 200,000 euros a year in tax, and that's just saying malta not being 'advertised' as a country that sells Marijuana.

Now say it was legalized and people across the world find out, we're in the Centre of Europe and Africa and have tourists coming here from every end of the world, now say we get for arguments sake 500,000 Marijuana tourists a year here, same thing, the estimate street price of 20 euro per gram and apply the 18% standard tax, and you have yourself 1.8 million on taxes per year on weed, not to forget to mention about all the bars, kiosks, souvenir shops, restaurants, Maltese airline and all other tourist outlets that benefit from the increase of tourism in Malta and increase jobs for malta.

Still not convinced at the benefits this simple natural plant brings?

Marijuana has 2 parts, just like any other plant, there is the female and the male. The female plant is where we get 'weed' from, the smoke able type that contains THC and grants all these benefits. The male however is not smoke able but it is far from useless. The male counterpart is called 'hemp'. So what can you make with hemp? Well you should be asking 'what can't you make with it'. Not to go into too much detail, here are some Hemp uses :

- it can substitute wood
- turned into paper
- can make biofuel for cars or energy
- lotions and oils
- can be used to build hoses
- can made rope and fiber
- clothing
- you can cook with it (applies to the female plant also)
- compost
- soap and disinfectants

The list could go on forever, but in short, Hemp can be turned into almost everything you can think of .

So it's safer than any legalized substance like alcohol and cigarettes, it has never killed a person in the history of mankind, it can replace alot of prescription drugs, the male Hemp plant has an abundant amount of uses and it could make Malta's tourism flourish like never before, and best of yet it can be grown by any one, so why is it illegal? Why should a natural plant be treated so illegaly?

Crime would also drop, as the majority, if not all, dealers would stop selling illegal Marijuana and harsher penalties could be added for people caught selling illegally if such laws came into play. Furthermore, police could put their resources to finding people who use real, harsher drugs and therefore crime rate would drop as result.

So I ask you brothers and sisters, do you stand together to help reform the way malta view Marijuana? Or will you sit there idle and do nothing? In the end of the day, legalized or not, people will still smoke Marijuana, it's just a matter of whether or not Malta will be smart and actually benefit from it or not.

Thank you for reading and for your support.

5. Warm street lighting for Malta and Gozo

In the past few months, in many locations in Malta and Gozo, street lights have been changed from Sodium lights to LED white lights (5000k/4000K).

Sodium light emits warm bright light which, apart from being aesthetically pleasing to the eye because it complements the colour and texture of the Maltese limestone, it also effects us psychologically in a positive way particularly in contrast to the newly installed LED white lights.

As researchers from the Harvard Medical School have found, LED white /blue light has a negative effect on the body’s biological clock and can also contribute to a number of diseases as well as obesity (

Besides the above, bright white LED lighting creates a potential danger for traffic accidents and less safer environment for pedestrians. This is due to the narrow beam angle of these lights which only light up a restricted area leaving many parts of the street in pitch darkness. This effects our vision even more when one looks directly into the lights.

Such consequences can be avoided by either replacing them with LEDs (2700K), which emit a warmer light, are still energy efficient and produce less light pollution, or by adding warm light filters to the presently installed lamps.

6. Apply No Claims Insurance Discounts to Motorcycles in Malta

In Malta there are not a lot of motorcycles and Maltese people think that it is highly risky to ride a motorcycle. Insurance companies offer No Claims discount schemes in a Car Insurance reducing the annual premium from 10 to 70% and more depending the number of the years a driver has no claims starting from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5. This logic wants to reward good drivers.

The same should be applied to good drivers riding motorcycles often every day to go at work or to enjoy the Maltese island during the weekends or because is their passion.

Who rides a motorcycle often, a Father that has a family at home waiting for him, we don't want to die in an road accident. Riding motorcycles we can reduce the traffic, the stress and emissions of CO2. Think about the policemen that use motorcycles for their job.



8. Xolji l-Kunsill Lokali ta' Haz-Zabbar. F'isem id-Demokrazija sejjah elezzjonijiet godda.

Din il-petizzjoni qed tissejjah wara r-rapport tal-Bord tal-Governanza tal-Kunsilli Lokali

9. Accept Tattoos and Piercings in Malta

This group is for those who are fed up of seeing or suffering discrimination just because they are either tattooed, pierced, or both - being it at the workplace, outside with friends or walking around with their kids etc.

This will be a forum where everyone can speak their mind, add topic related articles and post comments from witnesses or those who have suffered injustices.


The Maltese Islands are an important resting place for thousands of birds, many that are internationally protected, others rare or on the verge of extinction. Each year, thousands are being slaughtered indiscriminately on despite laws that are supposed to protect them.

While the authorities have tried their best, it is clear that the situation is beyond any control. The shooting of all species, including protected & endangered birds is now starting to affect Malta's Tourism image across the globe.

The people are tired of being afraid to walk the countryside to enjoy the sound of nature for fear of being threatened, for fear of having to cover the eyes of our children from the bloodbaths that occur yearly, for fear of being powerless to protect thousands of birds that are being shot down. We are now tired of any administration that refuses to make a responsible and exemplary decision for our country and the world to admire.

11. Call for Referendum to ban all kinds of bird hunting and trapping in the Maltese Islands

The rampant indiscriminate shooting and slaughter of birds in Malta is rife. Hunteers are allowed to practice the hobby of shooting and hunting birds. Many hunters ignore the fact that protected species should be allowed to fly freely and shoot them down. Hunters need to be stopped.

This petition aims to collect a minimum of 10,000 signatures and force the introduction of a total ban on bird hunting in Malta and its territorial limitation

12. Open Valletta to All

Valletta is a stunning city. For years we have been waiting for it to wake up in the evenings and at night. We want to sit outside and sip a drink, talk to friends local or not, enjoy a lovely meal in our amazing capital city and go back home happy that we have done so.

We are tired of all the negativity surrounding being in Valletta no matter what time of day or night it is. We are tired of coming out the theatre or a lovely meal and find a ticket slapped to our windscreen for too many reasons to mention. We are tired of hearing, and saying, 'Valletta is impossible - let's go somewhere else'. This is OUR CAPITAL CITY and as such, it belongs to all.

We the undersigned are proposing the following:

13. Create an Organisation for the Management of Immigration and Asylum Requests (OMIAR)

Since 1988 thousands of men, women and children have perished in the Mediterranean attempting the so-called ‘voyage of hope’ to Europe. Tens of billions of euros are spent every year to control our borders and immigration processing.

In Europe, we should have a better expenditure management and better respect for human rights.

Ask the European Parliament to reform laws on immigration and a more humane management of migration flows by creating a European Organization for Management of the Immigration and Asylum Requests.

14. Stop ACTA in Malta! - Online Petition

ACTA - a global treaty - could allow corporations to censor the Internet. Negotiated in secret by a small number of rich countries and corporate powers, it would set up a shadowy new anti-counterfeiting body to allow private interests to police everything that we do online and impose massive penalties -- even prison sentences -- against people they say have harmed their business.

Here is a video with a better explanation:

15. Kampanja kontra l-ligi tad-divorzju

Ghalkemm f'Malta sar referendum konsultattiv dwar il-ligi tad-divorzju, il-mistoqsija ma kenitx cara u lanqas ir-rizultat ma hu daqshekk car.

Infatti kien hemm hafna li vvutaw kontra u hafna ohrajn li astjenew. Ir-rieda ta' dawn il-votanti ma tistghax tkun injorata.

Barra minn hekk, dan ir-referendum sar meta din il-ligi kienet ghadha ma tfasslitx.

Ladarba r-referendum konsultattiv sar qabel ma din il-ligi kienet ghaddiet mill-istadji kollha tal-parlament, allura l-argument tar-referendum ma jaghmel l-ebda sens. Infatti min qed igib l-iskuza tar-referendum qieghed iqarraq.

Barra minn hekk, kulhadd jaf li f’demokrazija, min jitla’ fil-parlament mistenni jimxi skond il-programm elettorali tieghu.

Il-Ligi tad-divorzju ma kenitx fil-programm elettorali tal-ebda membru parlamentari prezenti. Ghalhekk l-ebda membru parlamentari prezenti ma ghandu l-mandat elettorali biex jillegizla fuq id-divorzju.

16. Stop cruelty to animals in Malta

Bullfighting, people leaving puppies squealing to get out with few holes on top, dogs runover by cars.

17. Let’s make sure Malta stays a safe country!

One of Malta’s most attractive points is the relative safety in which we go about our daily lives. Up to recently, Maltese nationals and foreigners residing in Malta alike, all went about their daily lives, knowing that they live in a safe environment.

No one ever thought that in Malta you could get mugged in your own street, just outside your own home! What has this country come to? Have we fallen in love with the EU to the extent that we want our crime levels to mirror those of most states?

A friend of mine moved to Malta recently as “it is a safe place to bring up your children”! At this rate, if the authorities do nothing about it, these lovely words will carry no more weight!

Are the respective authorities on the ball on this subject? Should we revert to Neighbourhood Watch in highly sensitive villages and towns, to tackle this issue? What are we waiting for? Some real serious accident to happen, perhaps? An over-protective parent or boyfriend, acting impulsively to save their valuables, ending up seriously injured at the hands of these criminals?

18. Mcfly for Malta!

This petition is made to first of all support the mcfly and second of all so that the mcfly can come and throw a concert in malta!

19. Save Hondoq

There is an application before MEPA which proposes to develop a large area of unspoilt land at Hondoq ir-Rummien in Gozo - one of the few remaining tracts of open countryside left in the Maltese Islands.