#City & Town Planning
The Hon. Dr. Mario De Marco - Minister for Tourism, the Environment &Culture

Valletta is a stunning city. For years we have been waiting for it to wake up in the evenings and at night. We want to sit outside and sip a drink, talk to friends local or not, enjoy a lovely meal in our amazing capital city and go back home happy that we have done so.

We are tired of all the negativity surrounding being in Valletta no matter what time of day or night it is. We are tired of coming out the theatre or a lovely meal and find a ticket slapped to our windscreen for too many reasons to mention. We are tired of hearing, and saying, 'Valletta is impossible - let's go somewhere else'. This is OUR CAPITAL CITY and as such, it belongs to all.

We the undersigned are proposing the following:

1. After 7pm Monday to Friday, 1pm on Saturday and all day on Sunday and Public Holidays, Valletta and its parking bays are open to all.

2. All residential parking is suspended during these hours.

3. All cars, no matter where in the world they are registered, can enter and park in the appropriate bays.

4. All restaurants and cafeterias are allowed to put out tables and chairs in front of their properties if there happen to be parking bays there.

5. Wardens and policemen are to stop giving tickets and destroying everybody's enjoyment after a night out unless the car is parked in a dangerous or obstructive manner.

We believe that such a simple measure will have an immeasurably good effect on our capital city, enlivening it and giving it back the life it deserves.

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