#Law Reform
The Government of Malta & The Prime Minister of Malta, Dr Joseph Muscat

The Maltese Islands are an important resting place for thousands of birds, many that are internationally protected, others rare or on the verge of extinction. Each year, thousands are being slaughtered indiscriminately on despite laws that are supposed to protect them.

While the authorities have tried their best, it is clear that the situation is beyond any control. The shooting of all species, including protected & endangered birds is now starting to affect Malta's Tourism image across the globe.

The people are tired of being afraid to walk the countryside to enjoy the sound of nature for fear of being threatened, for fear of having to cover the eyes of our children from the bloodbaths that occur yearly, for fear of being powerless to protect thousands of birds that are being shot down. We are now tired of any administration that refuses to make a responsible and exemplary decision for our country and the world to admire.

The PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF MALTA demand a REFERENDUM to Ban All Bird Hunting & Trapping in the Maltese Islands.

We demand an Island where our children can grow to learn, enjoy and help sustain species for generations to come.

We demand a country that will become an example to the rest of the world in matters of international Animal Protection & Environmental protection.

We want to become an unrivalled ECO-TOURISM destination unlike any other in Europe or the Mediterranean.

We want to live in a democratic country where our voice is heard and respected.

We want the Prime Minister of Malta, Dr. Joseph Muscat the Government of Malta, to introduce a REFERENDUM TO BAN ALL BIRD HUNTING & ALL BIRD TRAPPING IN THE MALTESE ISLANDS.

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