#Animal Rights
to realize their mistake
cruelity on animals

Bullfighting, people leaving puppies squealing to get out with few holes on top, dogs runover by cars.

Nowadays, we see all times of cruelty on animals, and their puppies if they have. Once I saw stuffed puppies in a rectangular box squealing on each other trying to get out with only a few holes on top to breathe, someone left them on the doorstep of one of the Rspca's in Malta, another cruelty is bull fighting where these train dogs to fight each other, to become very ferocious, abandoned and stray dogs let running outside with the danger of passersby in Malta.

They also found abandoned dog with a very tight chine around his collar which penetrated his skin, even kittens were left abandoned, and many like these. In fact that is why in Malta we have the animal ambulance whose job is to go to save animals.

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