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Taken from an article by Fathima Razik Cader, for the Daily News 2003

Selected parts are in quotes.

"A pollutant as bad as any other - noise - is on the rise. And what do we Sri Lankans do apart from putting up with it? Hardly anything. In fact, most of us are guilty too, of contributing towards it. "

"in the recent past over forty complaints have been received from residents living in the vicinity of places of religious worship. Whilst appreciating the fact that Sri Lanka is a multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country, it is up to each ethnic group to ensure that all the others are also entitled to lead their lives devoid of disturbances. What is important is the need to be sensitive and respect another persons rights in terms of wanting peace and quiet - especially so at night."

"The laws, however, stipulate that three people should make a complaint of a given disturbance to enable the PHD to act. The police too can take action under the Penal Code but there too there must be five complainants before they can take action. "

"Though antiquated, the laws are still applicable and the authorities - be they officers of the PHD of the CMC or the police are committed towards maintaining the peace devoid of noise. "

"How then does one combat this 'menace'? - Because that's what most people call it."

Loudspeaker usage in religeous places of worship in Srl Lanka should be banned or used only on special occations.

As a person living next to one of these places of worship, it has become a total menace to me, my family and those around me(neighbours not of that religion). Being a place of worship you would expect it to respect those around it. Don't you think ?

I'm not saying ban one, what I'm saying is ban all !!!!

Pass this message around. Look at what the religious place has become to others who are offended by its sound "A Menace" This is not a term we would like our sacred place of worship to be know as, and I don't think whoever is worshipped at that place would like it either.

Think about it. Respect those around you. Don't Be a Menace

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Ban loudspeaker or control loudspeaker usage in Sri Lanka

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