10 Downing Street, Mr. Gordon Brown PM and the government, including ministers of health.
United Kingdom

We believe the population of the United Kingdom, should be allowed the right to use medicinal Cannabis for muscle spasms, pain relief and other medical conditions, where Cannabis is found to help people, without fear of prosecution.

I and many other UK citizens use Cannabis for medicinal reasons. Whether we use Cannabis to help with conditions like; cancer, pain, muscle spasms or other medical conditions where Cannabis is found to help.

We all use for one reason and one reason only, the NHS cannot control our medical condition’s but cannabis does!

We cannot all be wrong, we know we are right, because of cannabis we can now lead a better way of life.

We want to be legal to use Cannabis and help ourselves as the NHS has failed us all.

I and others have had a MP, Dr and a top pain consultant, write to the heads of heath requesting me to be able to get cannabis via the NHS. all application have failed.

Me and many other people, write to the government of the UK asking for the help we desperately need as the NHS has failed us, you never get a reply.

If you call the government you get hung up on. If you fax them you get no reply!

Why is the government of the UK leaving us to rot with medical complications which cannabis improves!

To top it all off with 10 Downing street, I applied for this petition to be placed along with there e-petitions. It got refused 3 times. I even placed a request to contact me via telephone if there was a problem listing it. I never even got a personal email back from the government.

This petition will be delivered to Downing Street on the 25th of June 2008 at 2pm. I’m going to personally guarantee that this petition will get to number 10. It will be hand delivered to prime ministers Gordon browns office in the above date. As the government won’t listen to individuals, we shall go by way of protests and let the government see how many people this law affects.

There are no victims when we smoke cannabis, how can it be a criminal offence!

Did you know, even thou Cannabis has been downgraded to a category c drug in the UK. You can still be jailed for up to 5 years, if you are caught with Cannabis. Even if it’s for personal medicinal use!

This UK Cannabis law is wrong, we all need help. We can help ourselves with Cannabis with miraculous results. But we can not do so without the fear of been prosecuted by the UK’s very own Criminal Prosecution Services!

A lot of people like I, have no choice but to take morphine etc from the NHS, as this is the best pain relief they can give you. Morphine only takes the edge off my neurological pain. Approximately 10% of my pain is reduced by morphine by the end of the day. After taking so much morphine you find yourself passing out hallucinating wildly due to the need of more and more pain relief/ morphine needed.

If I use cannabis for my chronic neurological pain, I feel great mentally, my pain gets reduces by approximately 65% and I’m able to get out of a bed ridden state.

Please come and show us your support at Protest London 2008.
www.protestlondon.co.uk here you can find all the latest information about the protest.

Please don’t come to the London protest to support me. Yes, I am the head of the protest, I’m a voice of thousands of UK sufferers who are still lying in a bed ridden state. These people will not even try Cannabis for there medical conditions, because the UK laws forbid them do so!

These people like me can get some life back, if only they could get hold of and use medicinal cannabis at our own cost!

Cannabis is not suitable for all people, but the people it does help should have the legal rights to use a plant/ weed/ natural product, Cannabis. To treat there medical conditions!

Even if you don’t use cannabis medicinally at the moment, please still come. You may still require the rights to try cannabis legally in a few years time. Who can say who will come down with MS, cancer, neurological pain or even muscle spasms etc. over the next 10-20+ years!

I and others just want the right to be able to use Cannabis to help ourselves to achieve a better way of life. The NHS cannot control our discomforts and pain caused by our medical conditions, so we have to help ourselves with Cannabis.

Some people use cannabis just to sleep and de-stress after a hard days work. This is also classed as medicinal use. If Cannabis is used to help to give someone a better way of life, then they should be allowed the rights to self medicate legally!

All we want and are asking for is the support of the general public to exorcise our own human rights to self medicate using Cannabis, if there is no way the NHS can control our medical conditions.

Medical practitioners who recommend us trying cannabis to help our medical problems even let us know it’s against the law but it may be worth trying. They all cannot be wrong can they? They would back up a lot of medical users as they know how well Cannabis can help with M.S. and other conditions effecting the human body and mind..

Cannabis can be used as a cream as well as smoked, vaporized or eaten. its about time people found out the good medicinal sides of cannabis.

Allowing us to be able to use Cannabis to alleviate our symptoms, if backed up by a medical practitioner or specialist, would be great.

If we where allowed to use it legally we would not have to fund large gangs who grow, distribute and sell the Cannabis. Our local chemist could sell us Cannabis, if we had a license to use medicinal Cannabis legally.

The Cannabis we buy from the streets at extortionate prices, is heavily contaminated. Please even just let us be able to grow our own under license. We would save the NHS money and we would be able to control our symptoms at our own cost. The NHS could even control the sale of Cannabis and the profits made could clear all nhs debts over the following years.

Cannabis is a plant which is roughly grown the same way as tomatoes. It cost a minimal amount to grow and harvest. There is a lot of interest in buying clean cannabis in this country. There are a lot of people suffering because they cannot get out to meet dealers to buy medicinal cannabis

Cannabis costs little to grow and there are a lot of funds to be made for the inland revinue/ nhs, if we can get the medicinal Cannabis laws changed. If chemists where allowed to supply medicinal users if back up by medical professionals etc. then we would all lead a better way of life.

America, Canada, Holland etc. etc. allow people to use cannabis medicinally and allow them to buy it in licensed outlets. Why is the UK so behind with medical advances in cannabis use?

You know it makes sense and the government have ignored us for too long, we will not be ignored for any longer.

We have a medicinal Cannabis protest in London on the wed 25th June 2008, meeting up at Parliament Square london. At 11am.

Please visit www.protestlondon.co.uk if you would like to know more and even join out free forums and see for yourself how Cannabis changes people’s lives for the better.

Please help free medicinal Cannabis users from prosecution.

Please sign our petition which will be handed to our own prime minister of the UK, Mr. Gordon Brown, MP> on the day of the protest at 2pm. The protest is legal and all arranged with police and Downing Street. Full permissions have been acquired to run a legal protest in London’s scota area (high risk/security areas)

Please support us, if you cannot make London but you would still like to support us in some way, on the protest London website you can find links to download.

These consist of copies of our posters, advertising the protest. These can be put up in shop/car windows, local notice boards; hospitals etc. please obtain permission if needed to advertise. All hospitals in the UK need covering; this is where the people who could benefit from cannabis can be found. My local hospital has the posters up and the number of people with severer medical condition attending will be huge from just seeing posters in the outpatient wards etc.

We have a petition link under news, if you have somewhere you can place a hand written petition for people to sign. Please feel free to do print a few copies of and see if you can have a copy even in your corner shop.

Please visit protestlondon.co.uk there you will find out how you can help the protest by donating to our cause.

Protestlondon08 will be a peaceful protest, children and families welcome. Disabilities don’t only affect the people with the medical conditions. The whole family is affected if the medicinal cannabis user is in pain or discomfort! Thank you for all your time and support with medicinal Cannabis legalisation.

Regards Pinky
Head of www.protestlondon.co.uk
See me on the TV and newspapers soon; you cannot miss me I’m the one with the pink beard!

This Petition will be delivered on 25th June 2008 to 10 Downing Street, London.

For attention of the Prime Minister, Mr. Gordon Brown.

we, the under-signed, believe the population of the United Kingdom should be allowed the right to use medicinal Cannabis for muscle spasms, pain relief and other medical conditions, where cannabis is found to help.

They should be able to use medicinal Cannabis without fear of prosecution.

I only agree to the above terms if the medicinal Cannabis user has a medical professional’s support/ backing, stating that they have a genuine medical condition where cannabis alleviates their symptoms and improves their daily lives.

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