Hospice Restriction
United States of America

My grandfather died this year of starvation and respiratory distress because of an overload of narcotics. My grandfather had Parkinson's disease. That is a chronic illness but it does not kill a person. He had this disease for 10 years. Complications from Parkinson's kills a person such as pneumonia.

The death certificate stated he died of Parkinson's disease when in fact in order to diagnosis this, one must have an autopsy. He did not get an autopsy and was mobile/alert and oriented but confused at times. They starved him to death and gave him morphine/oxycodone in massive amounts when he would get pain relief from two extra strength tylenols.

This petition is written to call on state and federal governments to put limitations on hospices including their care aka starving someone to death and limitations on who can be in hospice.

One point I want to make is that just because someone has a chronic illness does not mean he/she should go on hospice.

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