#Human Rights
Mental Health Industry

Mental Health history is sad and unfortunate. Conditions are improving. People are still subjected to involuntary admissions, solitude, excess drugs, electrocution, and lack of factual disclosure of treatments.

Mental phenomena cannot be proven true or false, hallucinations, delusions and paranoia may be based on real experience, and need not be condemned.

We the people of mental health have the following inalienable and inseparable rights:

Life: clean water, nutritious fresh food, warmth, shelter, clothing, respect and dignity

Freedom: Enter and leave a hospital anytime, listened to, abstain from any and all treatments, ask for treatments without coercion or deception, and freedom of Expression, Thought, Religion, and Speech

Knowledge: To know what treatments are, how they work, factual information about how we work, and science, health and statistical information.

Reason: To be respected in all diverse forms of reason. To request explanations, and acknowledge reason is a varying phenomena, not on or off.

Pursuit of Health, Happiness and Love: Patients and Staff be respected, and a chance to pursue health, happiness, and love.

A physician's first orders are:

Primum Non Nocere

First Do No Harm

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